Every enterprise, small business, a startup, etc., is in a race with each other to get an edge over the other. For search engine marketing (SME), they invest in an ad campaign, SEOs and lot more. The only goal is to place the content at the top searches on Google and to maximize the profit. One way to maximize the traffic on any website is to use Google AdWords, where you pay per click. But, how many of us actually click on advertisements? More than 70% of people bypass the ads generated by a search engine and move directly to the actual results (or organic result).

Another way to divert traffic to your website is to use SEO. SEO uses different approaches to improve the ranking of the site and hence, bring it on the first page of results. The most important task an SEO performs is that it improves ranking by placing the content in organic results.


1. More Organic Traffic

SEO not only helps increase the organic traffic on your website but also, optimizes the quality and quantity of traffic. On the other hand, AdWord adds to the cost of investment by diverting unnecessary traffic. Only those people are pulled through SEO who are actually looking for the services or products you provide and are interested in buying, not just browsing.

2. Competition to Rivals

An organization that is not ranking well enough is equal to the websites not in existence. If your rival or competitor is investing in SEOs and you are not, then it’s time to invest some amount in it. To give your competitor a neck to neck competition, it becomes important that your site must rank better than them and must secure good position in Google search (or, in organic results) since most of the users don’t go past the first result page.

3. Affordable

One of the most important reasons to invest in SEOs is they are affordable. They are much more cost efficient as compared to the traditional way of advertisement. Also, you don’t have to pay again and again for advertising. Studies have also shown that you can save a lot of your amount if you prefer SEO over CPC (cost per click). Local SEOs charge lesser amount than a nationwide advertisement.

4. Customer Friendly

Instead of ‘pushing’ the information to the customer unnecessarily, it is more effective to use ‘pull’ strategy. Unlike Ad campaigning, where advertisements are forced onto users even when they are not searching for it, and you have to pay for the clicks if any, SEO makes information available to users when they actually need it. When any user searches for a service that your company provides, then only the user will see the results for your company.

5. Return On Investment (ROI)

To earn more ROI, it is important to invest in SEOs. SEOs can give you more returns as compared to AdWords. Though, one cannot get returns in a short term or instantly as PPC but, it’s a long term strategy. Once your site acquires a good position, you can enjoy the position for a long time without having the need to pay as in the case of PPC. You don’t need to allocate monetary resources for advertisement continuously. Even if you stop SEO campaigning for some time, you will continue to maintain the acquired position, until and unless any other company acquires it.


If you are willing to take your organization and website to new heights, then you should invest in SEOs. This is, to a certain extent, a cost effective method and highest ROI provider for your enterprise. But have patience while using SEO because its time consuming process and you’ll have to spend some amount of your time, say 3-4 months before you can actually notice any positive result. Also, you should be aware of the services provided by SEOs as there are chances that you can lose money on black hat SEO practices.

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