Our Blockchain Consulting Process

Conceptual Analysis

Before we hire a blockchain developer, the foremost priority should be to find out what Blockchain can be used for in your upcoming idea. Thus, our blockchain development team discusses its practical usability for systematic performance.

Incorporating Blockchain Technology

As a blockchain app development company, we at Skylark have certified professionals who are provisioned group of experts to analytically design ways on how to use Blockchain by incorporating it in a business idea.

Appropriate Blockchain Platform

Blockchain in software development has varied features for exploration. Typically understanding the venture you have in mind, our team of blockchain developers will suggest an appropriate platform to develop a blockchain product.

Create a POC

After inspecting the idea of blockchain application development, it is evident to design a prototype known as proof of concept. It stamps the plan and helps determine is Blockchain safe for implementation.

Evaluate Implementation Troubles

Our blockchain development team examines the prototype module built per your project requirements and figures out the troubled nodes to reconstruct using specific tools for blockchain development.

Blockchain Development Phase

Our technical staff has worked to achieve expertise in advanced sectors, one of which is following robust methodology in blockchain development. We are committed to applying the latest development in Blockchain and providing the utmost suitable solution.

Blockchain Developers at Skylark Use These Platforms to Develop Blockchain Application


Among the oldest platforms for blockchain development, their blockchain developers build projects using solidity to create decentralized apps.


This platform applies Stellar Consensus Protocol to optimize decentralized investments apps and technically decreases the transaction time.

HyperLedger Sawtooth
HyperLedger Sawtooth

It is an open-source blockchain in software development program by joint-venture of Linus & Hyperledge and implies a significant Proof of Elapsed Time mechanism.


Worried about creating a blockchain application that is secure for your business, then Corda is the suggestive platform. It is an open-sources technology primarily used in business enterprises.


It is a famous blockchain development platform, which offers flexible usage with multi-processing. It helps resolve scalability issues by providing decentralized apps hosting ability.


Tron is appreciated for presenting exceptional blockchain developer skills to create decentralized apps and rewards like TRX currency.


This is an open-source platform to develop a blockchain application, which has specifically designed self-amending cryptographic technology.

IBM Blockchain
IBM Blockchain

IBM has another popular blockchain development platform, as it offers multiple features with its technology that includes free IBM cloud Kubernetes cluster, permission network, and much more.

Booming Industries that Choose Blockchain Technology Integration

Governance & Administration

Performance answers the question, “Is blockchain the future?.” Transforming from the usual approach towards technologically updated systems such as Blockchain increases work efficiency.

Health & Medicare

Primary issues faced in health & medicare are maintaining health records & data management with privacy, conveniently handled by blockchain development services.

Finance Sectors

One of the finest sectors for blockchain application development is in the finance sector, where investment, insurance, banking, etc., are modified with advanced systems.

Entertainment & Media

Blockchain technology removes intermediaries from the role while implementing transparency in information sharing and maintaining work culture efficiency.

Blockchain Services

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Discuss your project idea with our blockchain development team to work over it effectively.

Price Analysis

As per your project requirements, you will be presented with a contract proposal that encloses cost estimation & time of completion.

Begin with the Project

As you show your consent to our blockchain development services, we instantly start to work over it with our technical staff.


With the expansion of the technology and curiosity of the internet users, the common queries resonate around “what are blockchains?”, “How does blockchain technology work?”

Blockchain can be easily understood as a technology to maintain a database in the form of blocks that is decentralized. It is not easy to alter the data or information saved over Blockchain because it is a shared ledger instead of being stored as central data. One may think why is Blockchain important, which is because changing info over Blockchain is next to impossible, and this is why it is being preferred over traditional systems in most organizations.

It is pretty apparent for a client to ask, “is blockchain safe” because even though it is claimed to be secure but there are always some geek coders who have restrained the immutable software. But blockchain data processing is different or decentralized, which is far beyond the traditional centralized system. Since the data blockchainis constantly maintained as a transaction over a publicly reviewed network, it is too difficult to hack the Blockchain. Else one needs to hire ablockchain developer who is competent in making the changes over 51% of the “nodes” in the network.

Butthere are still few cases that are notified when by cracking the codes in smart contracts, few hackers have illegitimately disturbed the system. But this literally cannot be considered a blockchain hack because this is an attack on the unregulated programming structure of smart contracts, which execute the preset conditions on Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is primarily distributed in four primary categories: consortium, hybrid, private, and public, with particular advantages & disadvantages as per usage & requirements. To figure out how to use Blockchain, it is essential to know your business in detail and accordingly apply the logic of a specific type of Blockchain.

The consortium blockchain is effective for the banking system as it is more secure and works efficiently with access controls. The hybrid Blockchain is practical for real estate businesses to present listings, and it works as a closed system. The private Blockchain offers a secure network with authority and accessibility with permission levels. While the public Blockchain finds its usage in cryptocurrencies for data mining or creating unchangeable records.

Blockchain is an emerging technology and is becoming acceptable worldwide in most applicable industries. But because the technology’s admiration is in its initial phase, most blockchain companies lack recognition in the current scenario. But in a similar context, some top-ranking firms like IBM, Microsoft, and Toyota have found the way for blockchain development technology in their business.

Several industries, such as fintech, identity-securities, healthcare, etc., have started to find blockchain developer companies that can assist them in their business expansion in versatility. Some think it is too early to be decisive over approaching Blockchain. But with changing times, technologists working hard to improve computations, it is not too far to see a range of blockchain development services rolling out, whether in cryptocurrency from where it came into recognition, or supply-chain, technologies, or other government & private sectors.

Blockchain is a new-age technology prominently known as a reality after the cryptocurrency launch. Instead of operating over a centralized system, it creates a decentralized process and makes automation more accessible. Blockchain development ultimately increases the efficiency of the whole process, and thus it is being chosen as a preferred means for managing databases.

The capacity ofblockchain was recognized after its impact via Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and now using this system, it is more convenient to transfer money internationally. The health sector proves another functional destination for Blockchain, which enables electronic data processing. Other than these, the Blockchain developers have researched & created processes that have majorly impacted multiple sectors, transforming the world to a great extent.

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