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Skylark is a Singapore-based mobile app development company that offers
the following mobile app development services.

iPhone Applications

The fastest growing platform is iOS. The demand for native apps for iPhone has been increasing day by day with the growing number of users. Our iOS development team is an expert in developing such apps which can rock the Apple Store and Google Play.

Android Applications

Our tech-obsessed Android app development team is always at your service for developing reliable, flawless, and functional Android apps. Our streamlined and seamless apps are optimized for performance and speed.

HTML5 Applications

We keep enhancing user-experience by embracing new technologies. Using HTML 5, we give platform-specific look to the websites, games, and apps. We also assist in taking existing application to HTML5 based application.

iPad Applications

iPhone apps can run on iPad, but, the display does not remain the same and gets distorted. Due to several reasons such as screen size, we cannot opt for the similar strategy to develop apps for iPads as for iPhones. We take care of this requirement and provide solutions for iPad too.

Blackberry Applications

We design apps for your Blackberry phones as well. We use latest and advanced technologies for offering the best possible user experience. Our Blackberry apps will definitely help your business to reach new heights.

Windows Applications

Skylark has developed and deployed several custom, versatile, and user-friendly Windows mobile apps. Our development team works in collaboration with the client to design a mobile app as per their business requirements. We ensure the quality of the app by testing it thoroughly.

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. From Windows to Android to Blackberry applications, there are more than a million of apps that can assist your work.

Being one of the primary mobile application development companies in Singapore, we have a team of experienced, devoted, and vibrant mobile app programmers for all platforms, who aims to develop unique mobile apps in the most innovative manner possible.

We, at Skylark, offer the required assistance for app development. We provide all kind of native and cross-platform based applications for our clients. Our team is experienced in developing apps for Apple, Blackberry, Windows, and Android phones. So far, we have developed over 500 apps and worked on various projects.

If for some reason, there is any technical issue after the app is launched or if you want to upgrade the app, then we provide our full support to you.


Our Expertise

We do more than just mobile app development, app design, prototyping, and marketing.

Mobile Application

Skylark has years of experience in developing mobile apps and is one of the leading development companies in Singapore. Tell us your requirements and we will provide the best and out-of-the-box solutions to you.

Mobile Games

Gaming is the favorite pastime of almost everybody. Our team possesses expertise in developing interesting, graphic-rich ang high quality games for mobiles.

Social Apps

Nowadays, social media sites have become one easy way to increase traffic for your product. You can trust us for creating amazing apps for your Facebook page.

Our Work Process

Requirement Analysis

This is the first and foremost step for any business. It is very important to know whether the requirement can be fulfilled or not. We take the time to understand your requirements and analyze them thoroughly so that we can provide exactly what you want.


Our next focus is on the design. It should be captivating and interesting. After gathering requirements and analyzing them, we prepare a layout of the app and design it accordingly. Our team is well-versed with customization. If our clients want, we create customized design for their apps, to make them stand out in the market.


To make sure that the app is working fine, we test every module of the app and check it in every possible way. If confirmed that the designed app completely addresses the requirements, we send it for the final deployment.


The final step that turns the ideas into reality is deployment. In this step, we deliver the final application to the clients after testing it in various phases.

Registering with App Store

Another service we provide is registration of the app with App Store, if the client asks so. We offer this service to non-clients as well.


We also provide post-delivery services. If the client asks to upgrade the app or due to any technical reason, the app requires maintenance, our company offers it.

With Us You can Get

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Native apps, cross-platform apps, HTML5 based mobile apps
  • We follow all standards required by a platform for developing apps
  • Time-bound project completion and delivery
  • Rapid development of websites and apps
  • Management and maintenance of mobile apps

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