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Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Experts

Increasing Brand Visibility

The big brands have already taken over the first page of Google searches. How do you get people to notice your small, rising company? You first invade the smaller search pool with low competition and establish yourself as the master in your area. Make your brand visible to customers who want you.

Free Marketing Tool

The only time you have to pay for Local SEO packages in Singapore is for the technical expertise of the Skylark team. Major listing tools such as Meta Business, Google My Business, Just Dial, and Trust Pilot are free and cost-effective if you have a keyword strategy (which we will provide).

Make Your Brand Memorable

Consumers associate one to two brands at most with each product. The only way to replace the businesses which have taken the slot in the mind of customers is to make your brand worth remembering. When your company shows up in every local search keyword, there will be no escape for potential customers.

Reach Local Customers

72% of the customers who typed “near me” while searching did not go further than five miles to find a local store. So, if you can integrate yourself into every search result made by people within five miles of your stores, you will get thousands of new leads.

Increase Sales

If a customer searches for a product on their phone, 80% of the time, they buy something. Local SEO pushes your product right in front of them when they are searching for it. Since they are in the buyer mindset, all it takes is for them to see your product.

Eliminate Unqualified Traffic

Search engines make it a point to deliver results based on intent, proximity, and business reputation. When you make your business location clear to Google, the crawlers know who should see your content. Any traffic you get to your blog and website is quality traffic.

Our Local SEO Activities


Local SEO for Multi-Location Brands

Technically a part of Franchise SEO, we will promote your brand in every location it operates in and outside of them. When we say regional SEO, we mean translations and localisation to the point people in the area can relate to your content


Google My Business

Your name, address, and phone number must be the same across all listing websites, especially on Google My Business. Got too many of them and did not have the time to update any? Well, we will fill it with new content and photos.


Local Link building

Nothing proves your validity more than high-authority local websites linking to you. Skylar k will create content they can not help refer to and build relationships with them. Before long, your business will be an integral part of the local community.


Local Content

Websites can not survive without blogs. Not to mention they thrive with regional content. Our in-house and freelance content writers research keywords and searcher intent and sprinkle local references. We also handle writers well-versed in local languages.


Local SEO Audit

Can’t figure out why you are not getting any results despite following every known SEO formula? Time to do a sitewide audit. Skylark’s IT and report analysis team will find and fix complex issues you missed.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The final deciding factor for a customer to buy your product is the reviews. We can handle your online customer service and ensure you only have five-star reviews to boast of. We can also ward off attacks from rival companies.

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Our law firm clients have grown significantly within a year of SEO. These brands trust us as the best lawyer SEO company in Singapore and keep motivating our team with positive feedback.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Local SEO packages in Singapore are paid. However, they do not have to be. Most tools are free, and you can establish your website to some level. It is when things get too technical that you need an IT expert. Plus, you are paying your Local SEO agency for their strategy too.

Your website age, keyword ranking difficulty, and off-site implementation significantly affect how quickly your website ranks. It can take anywhere from a month to five months or more. Skylark will keep fine-tuning your website to accelerate the process.

Local SEO focuses on getting organic leads from local searches, social media websites, and business listings. PPC or Pay Per Click is a method that does the same thing, but you have to pay for it, and customers can immediately spot it as an advertisement.

Now rebranded as Google Business Profile, it is an accessible business listing tool from Google. You can pin your location, add descriptions, and photos, create posts, and get customer reviews to show legitimacy.

Both have advantages, but if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, Local SEO makes much more sense. PPC is a short-term investment, while Local SEO's effects will bring future rewards.

Keywords are what you build your content around. These are generally phrases people randomly input into the search bar to find a product or service. Sometimes, they might have questions about using a product or what to do in a particular situation. We see the search intent through these keywords and build content around them.

On-page SEO is a part of Local SEO. It is when you optimise the visible contents of a website. When you add Local SEO to the mix, you simply enrich the web pages with more local content.

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