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If you have created a website for business purposes, your main aim is to generate profit out of it. The increasing reach of the Internet in all parts of the globe is one big reason that every company has an online presence today. The two basic things that grab the attention of the visitors on the first impression are – response time and the design of your website. Besides from having an attractive website front, content holds an equal importance, and thus, shouldn’t be ignored. The information provided there will ultimately push your customers to get in touch with you.

You can make some simple and smart changes to your website design by adding a call to action button, sign up form, contact page, etc. A good design can help you increase revenue by converting the visitors into business leads for you. This is a certain way to maintain a long-term relationship with your clients. We have listed down some tips related to the design of the website that can come in handy for you to improve the conversion rates for your website.

1. Select A Responsive Design

A responsive website design indicates towards a site that can be operated easily on any device, like a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Irrespective of the size of the screen, all the content should be visible for the users to access. Also, your website design should be user-friendly, fast to load and must have all the significant details of the products and services you are offering.

Knowing your target audience, you also need to focus on the mobile site equally. Due to ease of handling, most people nowadays prefer mobile phones to surf the Internet over laptops/desktops. If the mobile website is slow to load or does not have similar features that are offered on the web version, you put yourself on the verge to lose a large number of customers.

2. Keep Contact Process Easy

A contact page is very necessary to make your customer reach out to you in the case of any query. It is preferable to provide an email or phone number along with the address. Deal with the ones contacting you on priority, and satisfy them by clearing their doubts by offering them unmatched services.

You can also have a query form so that the user can write to you directly from your website with his/her contact details, and then you can get back to the person. You can also introduce a call to action for people on the main page to sign up on your website. It will rise the number of customers and will boost up the conversion rates for your website.

3. Make Website Simple to Navigate

The designing of your website should be attractive, but at the same time, it should also be simple. The visitors should be able to find the web page they are looking for, at the first glance. If the website would be complicated to handle, users would find another alternative and will switch from your website.

Websites with simple user interface and easy accessibility are generally liked by all. Making things complicated would only make the users irritated. Keep the navigation simple, and it will certainly increase the ROI for your site.

4. Visual demonstrations

Making the website visually appealing with visual graphics and demonstrating videos can grab the attention of the users as soon as they open the website. Moreover, the information is liked better in the form of pictures, videos, and infographics. Increasing user engagement will lead them to spend more time on the website, and they will be more likely to contact you for business.

The conversion rates depend a lot on how the website looks. Also, you have to keep a check that you do not overload the website with audiovisuals in order to increase interaction with customers. Doing this might act negatively for you, as it can lead to a slow loading time for your site.

5. Avoid Complex Designing

There was a time when complex designing was trending. But nowadays, people do not like the complexity and favor the simple and informative patterns on web pages. Simple designing offers ease of use and uncomplicated navigation so that your customer can go through the content easily. Also, complex websites are sometimes confusing for nonregular users. Due to this, they switch to other similar websites, and you might face a decrease in conversion rates leading to a loss of business revenue consequently.

6. Remove Focus from Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds hold their own importance, but if someone is visiting your website, he/she should be focusing on the content present there. Keeping the social media feeds, like Facebook and Twitter in the footer is a better option, as it will give your users the desired connectivity. However, if you will keep them at the top, people tend to get distracted and they will visit your social media accounts instead of spending time on the website. This can decrease the conversion rates gradually.


Following these points, we can conclude that the design of the website holds importance in attracting the users to view it thoroughly. But, along with it, there are various other factors that influence the conversion rates of the websites, out of which the most important one, is content.

We hope that this article can be put to your use. Please share your thoughts on the topic and let us know if we have missed some point.




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