Skylark’s Services in Hyperledger Blockchain Application Development

Planning & Analysis

We at Skylark deploy a team of analysts who find out the need for a Hyperledger network in your enterprise in specific sections and accordingly sketch a way to proceed further.


Our blockchain developers once detect the requirement of Hyperledger blockchain application development in your business; it becomes evident to start a consultation program and accordingly work over the required framework that fulfills the need.

Application Development

We work with the client to create a product-specific UI/UX design, which clearly defines the technical components required. Using the technical blueprint, our programmers develop a decentralized application with the possibility of customization.

Chaincodes or Smart Contracts

The Hyperledger platform has smart contracts in the form of chaincodes, which define the path for a uniform dApp development.

Support & Maintenance

Once the Hyperledger app is deployed over the network, our foremost preference is to monitor the app’s activities and responses regularly. If any discrepancies happen, we specifically rectify the portion.

Regular Updates

An application integrated over the Hyperledger network may need an official update, or an alteration is required. We provide an instant solution with continuous updates.

Few Projects Hosted by Hyperledger

Work Experience
Hyperledger Sawtooth

It is a popular framework by Hyperledger that separates the application from the core system, which is beneficial for writing smart contracts. PBFT & PoET are consensus algorithm supported by Sawtooth.

Blockchain Development
Hyperledger Fabric

The Hyperledger Fabric has a modular nature that allows an instant option for consensus. The system is secure & efficient, and due to its versatility in design, Fabric is preferred in most industry use cases.

Relationship Building
Hyperledger Indy

This framework provides a group of libraries, tools, & components, which is suitable for creating digital identities. The Hyperledger Indy can work all alone or in coordination with other frameworks.

Quality Code
Hyperledger Iroha

Iroha is listed as one of the simplest frameworks to integrate with IoT projects that need distributed ledger system. The app-specific design system with the easiest construction technique is available along with the YAC consensus algorithm, which is crash fault-tolerant.

Hyperledger Tools & Technology for Application Development

Hyperledger Quilt

Quilt is suitable for allowing payment, such as sending or receiving, across any payment network (crypto or fiat). It is an interledger enabled protocol that is Java implemented.

Hyperledger Caliper

The Hyperledger Caliper is most prominently a reference tool that provides a group of use cases relative to the client product as a benchmark to measure the performance of the blockchain over specific indicators.

Hyperledger Cello

Cello is a combination of services that helps in app creation and management or an operational dashboard of blockchain development.

Hyperledger Explorer

As is the name, Explorer is a web-app tool that is easy to use and serves multiple purposes like deployment, invoke, network information, transactions, chaincodes information, or any other details on the network.

Operational Use of Hyperledger Platform in Industries

Our team of blockchain developers has studied some of the crucial sectors implementing the Hyperledger platform.

Medical &Health Units

The health industry is among the critical sectors that have their global effect. Hence Hyperledger platform is suitable to create a systematic record of data over the distributed ledger that experts in the field authenticate.


Making the identity decentralized using the Hyperledger platform resolves multiple issues that are dealt with in a centralized system. It is based on a Zero-Knowledge proof mechanism, which removes exposure of unnecessary attributes.

Supply Chain Management

The Hyperledger platform offers network security and ensures an easy supply-chain tracking system in permissioned networks. This removes the chance of leakage in the network and makes transactions authentic.

Our Procedure of Hyperledger Blockchain Application Development

At Skylark, we tend to follow a systematic procedure in software development & deployment. For creating a Hyperledger blockchain application, we essentially apply the process that thoroughly examines the client’s business to account for an optimum solution with the deployment of blockchain that enhances the performance of an application and thereby helps in expansion and growth.

Blockchain Planning

  • Generating an idea
  • Checking the requirements
  • Verify the possibility of migration to distributed ledger
  • Analyze & fail fast, v2.0, MVP.
  • Analyze the components needed and create a pathway

Our Team

  • Solution Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Hyperledger Consultant

Final Output

  • Sample
  • Presentation
  • Use Cases Analysis
  • Proposal
  • NDA

Proof of Concept

  • Check the details of Hyperledger technology for further implementation
  • Find a suitable use case
  • Create a Proof of Concept

Our Team

  • Blockchain Lead
  • Technical Architect

Final Output

  • Test PoC on network
  • Scalability Efficiency report
  • Proposal for MVP

Technical Design

  • The software requires a user interface design
  • Identify the scalability security
  • Create a technical design
  • Create small sectional targets

Our Team

  • Product Manager
  • Hyperledger Developers
  • UX Lead

Final Output

  • Blueprint
  • Design Assets
  • UI Prototype
  • Block Definition
  • Security Check

Hyperledger Development

  • Pre-Alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Production

Our Team

  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Lead
  • Scrum Master

Final Output

  • Smart Contracts
  • Source Code
  • Test Blockchain Development

Application Deployment

  • Provision
  • Deploy over cloud
  • Deploy over App Stores

Our Team

  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Manager

Final Output

  • Internal Distribution
  • App Store release in hybrid solutions
  • Network release in public network

Application Upgrade

  • Analyze latest developments
  • Upload the pending tasks

Our Team

  • Technical Architect
  • Developers
  • Scrum Master
  • Quality Assurance

Final Output

  • Smart Contracts updates deployment
  • Update apps micro-services


Hyperledger blockchain platform is an open-source technology developed by a foundation to provide a distributed ledger system to enterprises. It has funded multiple projects under its name that are produced with specific properties. Some of the features of the Hyperledger blockchain are listed below.

  • The most notable feature of Hyperledger is that multiple numbers frameworks or projects are executed under one platform. Some of the famous names are Sawtooth, Fiber, Iroha, etc.
  • Being an open-source system, the Hyperledger is created for higher accuracy and reliability in the network.
  • The base of the Hyperledger platform is an open-source technology, which helps create the highest security in the blockchain.
  • The businesses integrating Hyperledger networks in their system benefit from the cost efficiency and performance enhancements.
  • The Smart Contracts in the Hyperledger platform are distributed ledgers that ensure transparency & scalability in the enterprise business models.

The Hyperledger blockchain platform holds the following components during application development: Hyperledger technology layers.

  • The consensus layer is critical as the transactions in the blockchain are verified with the creation of an agreement order.
  • The transaction requests are processed to allow only valid transactions by the Smart Contracts.
  • Peer-to-peer message notifications are sent through the communication layer.
  • It is essential to develop trust among the users in the blockchain by managing verifying the identities, which is done through identity management services.
  • The clients and external applications interface with the blockchain using the API.

Hyperledger is usually presumed as a blockchain system or a crypto network, but even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are unsupported in Hyperledger. It is a standard system that provides blockchain developers an infrastructure to develop blockchain-based applications for private & public usage.

The conceptual philosophy that the Hyperledger network follows is given below.

  • Modular
  • Safe protected
  • Cryptocurrency-Agnostic
  • Interoperable
  • Complete with APIs

Hyperledger, an open-source technology, must be understood as a group of components supporting multiple blockchain projects or tools that follow the Hyperledger fundamentals in developing an application. Some of the popular Hyperledger projects & tools that serve the purpose of industrial apps are Sawtooth, Fabric, Explorer, Burrow, etc.

Our blockchain development team provides an individualistic approach to understanding the client’s business industry and its specific requirements regarding blockchain integration. The software requirement specification begins with calibrating the necessary components in the project development and enabling businesses to sustain & grow.

  • Skylark is an experienced mobile app development company in Singapore and has developed excellent tech solutions in various industrial sectors.
  • We have expert in-house blockchain developers who are deployed over projects upon their core knowledge in a specific platform.
  • Our blockchain development team follows the standard procedure by designing the roadmap from making contracts and transaction rules.
  • We are committed to providing high accuracy, efficiency, and security deliverables.
  • Our step-by-step procedure of Hyperledger blockchain development is planning & analysis, consultation, development, deployment, chaincode development, support, and upgrade.

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