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Along with 10 years of experience in the SEO industry, we provide a strategic and dynamic approach that builds trust among our clients.

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Skylark welcomes business firms from varied sections of the market to collaborate for digital marketing and SEO campaigns. Our long workforce panel has gathered expertise through extensive research, live projects, and analysis.

We understand the prominence of internet marketing and SEO optimization in different genres. The core knowledge in the field builds confidence in us to work collectively and deliver the committed output within a stipulated time frame.

We ensure to take care of webpages for full service of SEO strategy such as high quality backlinks, search engine optimization over competitive keywords, social media promotions, yellow pages results, podcasts/ videos, etc. with the best ethical approach.

That’s why we don’t just make promises; we build trust through experience and proven results.

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With the advancement in internet marketing and awareness of its capabilities, it became critical to apply SEO techniques on websites to make them reach higher on search results.

Google and other prominent search engines keep updating their policies, and thus it is necessary for SEO agencies to work accordingly.

We make regular portfolio audits under trained SEO managers to make successive efforts in the right direction and generate high conversions.

Skylark is among the most acclaimed SEO consultants in Singapore, preferred by well-known small and large business owners, and we welcome firms from all niches for managing their brand image online.

We have talented staff members who use cutting-edge technology to keep transparency with the applicable SEO methodologies, and thus save the clients from going over budget.

Smart Tactics of Search Engine Optimizations

Search Engine Optimization is a broad subject with practical applicability. The concepts such as keyword optimization, search rankings, website speed, or getting rid of spam links are uniquely achieved in every project.

There are simple rules for using primary and secondary keywords in blog posts and web pages. But unnecessary usage can penalize the entire content by affecting its rank in searches.

Scheduling the content has another big role in SEO strategy, and there are multiple aspects that impact the success rate of a website.

Our clients credit us as the best SEO company for our experience, excessive knowledge base, and prompt results.

We Never Avoid High Volume Keyword Optimization

In real terms, SEO for low-density keywords gives quick results on SERPs but has a lower impact on business growth through website traffic. Skylark makes honest promises with its clients to fetch Google's first page rankings on the most competitive keywords, which ultimately increases sales by 200% within a short period of time.

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Our SEO Process to Achieve Organic Search Rankings

Skylark has the most efficient SEO analystwho regularly practice optimization techniques to assist clients in excelling their brands online. The whole process has multiple subdivisions in two categories of On-page and Off-page SEO. We apply the following procedures to get the best SEO outputs within three months.


Website Audit (On-Page SEO)

Technical Audit

As the name suggests, it primarily covers the technical issues of a website that relate to SEO. In this case, the technicians ensure that the web pages are free of errors related to crawling, indexing, web speed, and other aspects of search engines.Essentially, the Google Search Console along with a crawler-based site audit tool make a perfect match for an accurate technical audit of a website.

Content Audit

This process typically concerns the written content on a website. It is useful in tackling issues relating to content marketing strategies. The SEO managers regularly review these audit reports to understand the performance status of specific pages. Thus, they make constructive changes in HTML tags, keywords placements, titles, Metadata, or produce a fresh line of content if necessary.

Audit Seo

Best Keyword as per the Business (On-Page SEO)

It is imperative to make in-depth keyword research by the SEO agency as it plays a key role in gaining higher search engine rankings. By strategically using the highly potent keywords, i.e., with more search volumes during the content creation and explicitly focusing on them for optimization, will generate authentic traffic with a greater conversion rate.

Audit Seo

Optimize Web Pages (On-Page SEO)

Webpage optimization is a combination of complete SEO methodology which aims to promote brand image by easing usage, enhancing page loading speed, and keeping it knowledgeable.

Instead of opting for a fixed rule of SEO on a web page, we at Skylark apply singularly designed routes after scrutinizing their potential. A well-maintained website earns genuine traffic through searches and creates brand awareness.

Audit Seo

Link Building (Off-Page SEO)

An SEO agency can never deny the impacts of link building for website optimization. The theory is about getting backlinks from other websites, which technically works as a reference point.

What matters here is to generate such backlinks from authoritative sites. The idea helps Google algorithms to build trust and authenticity on the website, thereby ranking it higher on specific searches.

SEO Company Singapore Link Building Service

Tracking and Reviewing Performance (Off-Page SEO)

The purpose of SEO is to generate authentic traffic and grow your business revenue. Therefore, it is mandatory to use suitable tools foranalyzing the website’s success rate during optimization practices.

Our expert SEO managers regularly track and review client’s sites, who keep instructing the team members about the flaws and untouched points that can improvise user experience.

Audit Seo


We audit the client's website to understand the achievements in search engine rankings and organic traffic. These reports are maintained in statistical and graphical format for easy interpretation.

Skylark regularly shares the SEO reports with the client and recommends for necessary changes. We are considered the best SEO company in Singapore, as we provide brief yet informative reports that validate our efforts.

SEO Agency Singapore Work Report

Not Just Readymade!

We Make Budget Friendly Customized SEO Plans

Our continuous research and analysis in SEO and digital marketing sector have led us to bring well formulated plans for each business industry. We understand the exact needs of optimization, traffic generation, client conversion, or branding at different sections and stages.

Skylark is the best SEO agency in Singapore as we have the most competitive plans to offer our clients, while our SEO managers are available to discuss the strategy one-on-one basis. Our relationships with clients are built on transparency and trust.

About Skylark –

The Most Recommended SEO Company in Singapore

We are renowned SEO and digital marketing firm based in Singapore and working successfully for more than ten years since our establishment.

  • We never compromise with the quality of work.
  • We tend to produce honest progressive reports to our clients.
  • Our tech support system is always available to assist you.
  • We work with responsibility and ensure to deliver the results in the committed time.
  • With more than 500 success stories in our bag, we offer the most effective SEO solutions.
  • Our staff members are well-trained in their core responsibilities.
  • We cover almost all business industries to help them with online branding.

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Why Should You Select Skylark for SEO Services

There are no fake commitments from us to make you believe in our statements. Instead, we have justified reasons to be preferred as the SEO firm to partner in your business.

Prioritise Competitive Keywords

For genuine branding and growth in business revenue, we tend to provide actual keywords that have a high volume on search. These are most competitive for optimization, but sufficient effort and ideation can greatly help in achieving the primary goals. Nevertheless, we do not ignore the lower-density words for long-term benefits.

SEO experts are Certified and Experienced

We have employed a large panel of SEO experts, social media managers, report analysts, content developers, and other IT professionals as well. The team is regularly trained and updated on the latest developments. Our Singapore office has a regular team working under one roof, while freelancers are also linked for specific projects.

Success Rate is Proven Overtime

There is tough competition in various industries, and brands are struggling neck-to-neck to reach on top of the search results. In such a state, we as an experienced SEO company work effectively on our client's site, while also improving our methods to fetch positive outputs that are long-lasting.

Projects are Handed to Professionals

Many business owners get misguided about hiring a team of SEO experts to achieve their online goals, such as organic searches, web traffic, conversion rate, branding, and growth. But for quick and stable results,we, as professionals in this field, advise outsourcing the work to a reliable and experienced team.

Discontinue Services Anytime

Many agencies in the IT sector mislead their clients with contracts, and often dissatisfaction or over-budgeting leads to misunderstandings. We always intend to make result oriented promises and never pressurize the clients to be satisfied. We ensure to expect the best results from us.

Authentic and Transparent Reporting

Honesty and fairness are our time-honored SEO strategies for clients. As expected by business firms, transparency and integrity have yielded fruitful results. Our reporting never displays fake outputs but is always backed with proven results.

Acknowledgments and Feedback by Reputed SEO Partners

Our clients call us the best SEO company in Singapore. Here are some of the positive reviews that we have received in these many years, which keep us motivated to do great.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique to improvising the visibility of web pages on the first page of Google search. The basic procedure involves creating perfect content and framing it with tags, Alt images, etc., and optimizing with suitable keywords. Generating backlinks and pay-per-click ads also work significantly.

If you really want to excel on SERPs, then working singularly or with a small team of knowledgeable mates may not be a suitable choice. Proper result-oriented SEO requires knowledge along with experience, and most of all assistance of a professional group that can derive audit metrics to work accordingly.

We provide honest opinions about the technical condition of the website on its arrival at Skylark, and the time it may take to deliver in top 5 position on Google for competitive keywords. False claims would never have brought us this far to being known as the best SEO agency in Singapore.

Keywords have nothing to do with brand image. Rather, popularity and organic searches are the by-product of the right keyword choices in the content and optimizing them properly. Keywords can never be a choice as they are the most trending searches by genuine traffic and can only be found through specialized tools.

Google does not allow buying a rank on search, and we advise not to apply the black hat SEO techniques to reach on the first page. Apart from ad spaces with a “Sponsored” tag on top, Google only allows white hat SEO techniques, and strictly penalizes the sites that use unlawful methods.

There is no fixed rule for a site to rank on a specific number of keywords. But optimization on unnecessary or irrelevant ones will never fetch organic traffic or growth in revenue. Depending on the target audience, right keyword optimization increases the site's visibility on long-tail keywords, which ultimately benefits its performance.

Creating a website is sufficient if the organization needs to display credible information for its subscribed members. But for branding, increasing customer bases, enhancing sales, and communicating product details SEO campaigns should be started 3-4 months before the launch. Website optimization takes some time but worksin the long term with minimal effort.

Before approaching an SEO agency, you must understand your primary requirements. You must discuss the SEO strategies applicable to your business needs and when to expect the desired output with the progress report. Get details about Google Ads and the marketing budget required for stable branding with revenue growth.

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