• Platforms: Android & iOS
  • Team Members: 8
  • Project Timeline: 16 weeks
  • App Category: eCommerce

About the App

The Premios Nacionales E-commerce is promoting companies, business, entrepreneurs, and managers that are connected with the digital marketing sector and have achieved outstanding success. It is notable that there the Spanish digital media and e-commerce market is rapidly growing and thus attracting a large number of investors and businessmen to start a business.

Premios Nacionales eCommerce app is highly recommended for every person who has even the slightest of involvement in e-commerce. It will not only keep you updated on the recent happenings but also provide you useful tip to extend your business to the new heights.


Know more about the app and how it can serve you better

  • Awards for the nominees

    Awards are given to the most outstanding companies throughout the Spain by the Obeservatorio eCommerce.

  • Training

    It broadens up your knowledge about the e-commerce with specialist programs for e-business, digital marketing specialist for e-commerce, and programs in social and mobile e-commerce.

  • Reports, Magazines, and White Paper on E-commerce

    Publishes various reports on events related to e-commerce that helps you stay updated and gives you perfect ideas to advance.

  • Latest News

    The Premios Nacionales E-commerce app keeps you updated by providing you the latest news at your fingertips.

Technologies Used

React Native




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