• Platforms: Android & iOS
  • Team Members: 7
  • Project Timeline: 14 weeks
  • App Category: Education

About the App

On this spot” application enables you to discover the history that surrounds you. With this app, you can take a guided tour of the Vancouver historical spots. This is a free app that helps you develop a collection of then and now photos taken at the exactly same location.

The app is a blend of guided walking tour and camera and image editing tool for richer and more amazing experiences.

It is available in multiple languages including English, Japanese, French, Mandarin, etc. The app consists of downloadable maps so that you can use the app offline. So, the app surely appeals the locals and tourist equally.


Know more about the app and how it can serve you better

  • Share Stories

    The users will be able to see and read stories of other users, who once walked the same street.

  • Fade Tool

    It is also packed with a fade tool that can be used to compare the past and present of a specific location precisely.

  • Overlay

    The camera can be used to overlay past on present whereas, the editor tool enables you to create then and now images.

  • 600+ Places

    Over 600 historic photos of Vancouver precisely mapped out, with more being added all the time.

Technologies Used

React Native




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