• Platforms: Android & iOS
  • Team Members: 8
  • Project Timeline: 16 weeks
  • App Category: eCommerce

About the App

Ecommerce Magazin is highly preferred to the individuals who use the internet by any means be it advertise, search, select, buy, sell, or pay bills. The ecommerce Magazin is a frequently updated magazine that is full of articles related to e-commerce, SEO/SEA, usability, social media, permission marketing, sales and marketing, webshops, ePayment, and logistics.



Know more about the app and how it can serve you better

  • Frequent E-commerce Updates

    Stay updated in today’s fast-forwarding world of e-commerce with ecommerce Magazin.

  • Social Media -

    A best and cheapest way to advertise, announcements, and stay connected with your customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization Tips

    Know how to get an increasingly higher amount of traffic on your website

  • Content Marketing and CMS

    Learn the basics of content writing by abundance of articles on content marketing and CMS.

Technologies Used

React Native




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