In our privacy policy we regulate the information that is displayed on our site and that is fed by you when you access The policy is subject to change and if you do not agree to any part of it please do not use the site. This policy is a part of and is incorporated in the terms of use.

As you provide your personal information to us while accessing our website, it is understood that you agree to our terms described in the policy statement.

Information That You Grant

Our Company can collectany information that you enter on our site through an email, a survey, a letter or by following us on social networking sites. However, the information that we collect varies depending upon what part of the site you use.

Information is collected automatically


Akin to many other websites we too use cookies that help our servers recognize your Web browser. Cookies are used by an origin website to send state information to a user’s browser and for the browser to return the state information to the origin site.

Why does a company create cookies? These web bodies can be used for user authentication, identification of his session with the company website, considering user’s preferences, understanding his shopping cart contents and anything else that can be phished out by a cookie which is stored in the form of a data on a user’s computer. For one user; persistent and identifying cookies are used to keep his information separate from others. Customers can choose to block or disable cookies but then they may not be able to see the site as it has been designed. Our cookies are calculated to gather information such as:

  • A user’s domain name and the host from which he accesses web services and internet-address of the site that is straight linked to ours.
  • Details like date and time of access to the site and pages visited.
  • Visitor’s PC’s IP address and knowledge about; the operating system, platform and the version of current Web browser type.
  • Demographics of the user and other profile information that isn’t personal.
  • Facts that would help combat fraud and misuse.

Pixel Tags

If we contact you through an email we might use pixel tags that can find out if your email software or site can display HTML text as it is important for us to optimize the email messages and conserve our bandwidth.

Collection of Information by Third Parties

Third parties are sites or companies that advertise their content on our site and use our cookies to reach your computer. Their data comes across as reasonably identifiable from a third party. Additionally, we can also ask third party Ad companies to provide ads. The unique way in which these corporations work is; using information from customers’ visits to our site and the ads that are served to you. They can also place unique third party cookies on users’ browser. Web beacons or tracking bugs are another medium to recognize customer’s browser through third party cookies that can be placed by advertising companies on our websites. These cookies are specifically designed by advertising companies and it is different for different corporations as some of them allow a way to opt-out of their technology while others don’t. How to find out which advertiser provides an opt-out mechanism. Follow

Information collected and user guidelines of a third party cookie are a part of the advertising company’s privacy policy and not ours.

Promotions, Sweepstakes and Contests

We encourage activities like Promotions, Sweepstakes and contests on our site from time to time. And in order to be a part of these, you may be asked to feed in your personal information as well as permit transfer of the information to third parties. At the time when such drives are held the information that needs to be collected is disclosed by the third party agency and it is solely a user’s call to permit or not such compiling of personal details and its transfer to us.

Our Use And Retention Of Your Information

Use of Personal Information

Our collection of your personal information is in the form of you asking us queries, monitoring our site and commenting to our posts; to which we respond keeping in mind our rights and the rights of third parties and ensuring proper alignment with the Terms (Insert link). 

Use of Other Information

Varying information might be used by our systems to find out what is the number of visitors on our site and measuring the response and followed popularity for different sections of the site. This helps us making our sites more content-worthy and delivering targeted advertising and non-advertising content. The means to gather such details are IP addresses that work out in analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking user’s movement and gathering broad demographic knowledge for aggregate use.

Retention of Information

We store clues to visitors’ personal data only until it’s required, allowed or thought to be useful and we don’t oblige to retain information. It’s totally up to our discretion being willing to manage the information and dispose it off without notice subject to the law that specifically requires the handling or retention of information.

Our Sharing Of Information

Skylark Infotech does share information with third party advertising companies but only as per the following rules in this Section 4.

  • Advertisers and Others - We transfer only the non-personally identifiable information to other advertisers, site providers and other businessmen whom we deal with. On the contrary these ad companies and other people may share with us your information that they have anonymously gathered.
  • Site Third Parties - We build contracts with third party sites to provide us with both affiliated and non-affiliated websites or to you on our behalf. For example to obtain marketing assistance and for analysis of data. In this case they need some personal information to be able to perform these functions.
  • Business Transfer - Business grows with time and trust. And as we do that we can engage in activities like selling or buying of small businesses and their assets, restructurings, mergers, acquisitions and changing of control. During these transactions transfer of customer information is one of the liable assets. Unfortunately, in the event of bankruptcy, user information can get passed on to a bankruptcy trustee or debtor in possession and then to a subsequent purchaser.
  • Affiliates - When required we can share customer information with corporate affiliates. Business affiliates are entities that are under our control or under a common control of any joint venture with us. These undertakings can happen with any of the controlled entities from time to time. In this manner we can have access your information from our corporate affiliates or from other websites that you visit and are controlled by them.
  • Compliance and Safety- We might release user’s information only when either of the following is applicable:
  • It is in compliance with the applicable law and in response to legal processes like; search warrants, court orders and subpoenas. Or it can be in response to address written complaints of property right infringement.
  • If the disclosures of such information are important to prevent potential crimes or to investigate suspects.
  • Release of information must enforce agreements including Terms and Conditions.
  • It is essential that the liberation of personal details is done keeping in mind the protection and safety of the Site, our users and Our Clientss. This ensures fraud safeguard and credit risk reduction.

Information Security

  • Your Obligations - Your personal information is your concern and so you must shield it from unauthorized access or storage and you must also see that your computer is firewall protected. YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU CAN TO SHIELD YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM PUBLIC ENCROACHMENT.  
  • Our Security Measures - We preserve our user information through electronic, physical and managerial procedures that avoid unauthorized access to that data and maintain the security by correct usage of data. HOWEVER WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SECURING THE DETAILS. This because there are no systems that are foolproof.


Except for our Site and those of our advertising clients we are not responsible for the rules and privacy policies of any other site whose link is often contained in our online service. We expect you to be aware while you leave our site and go through the privacy statement of every other organization. However, this policy applies only to the information collected by our Site.


In case you have provided your email address or other contact information, we hold the right to send you customary mails to promote our business.

Conditions Of Use, Notices And Revisions

  • Privacy Concerns - Your access to the site and any concern regarding privacy is regulated by the Terms. So, in case of a dispute over privacy at Skylark Infotech you are required write to us at and we will try resolving the matter. And if you think we are in the default of Terms (Insert link) you may contact us at our Legal Notice Address in Section 9 below.
  • Notice Required by Law - In a jurisdiction that allows us to email notify our customers we write to them in scenes of invasion of security system and disclose the issue in an email. Here the most current email id provided by you is used.
  • Identity Theft - If you consider yourself a victim of identity theft under the law you are entitled to request information from us by writing at our Legal Notice Address (Section 9) then we would guide you in supplying additional information. After we have thorough details we will provide you the information that is legally required to be disclosed free of any charge. However, any data is divulged preserving all our rights and defense.

Contact Information And Information About Enforcement Of Our Policy

For enquiries related to customer sites and this policy you may email us at To send us a legal notice, post it with return receipt through a registered mail service at: Level-7, 75 High Street, Singapore 179435

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