Google has finally released its latest Android version 4.4 in the market, which is popularly known as KitKat. At present, it is only available in Google Nexus 5, but will be soon accessible for the HTC One Google Play Edition, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4, 7 and 10.

Here is a list of all new cool features added in the latest Android version, which makes it a must have phone for all.

  1. Just say “OK Google”
  2. Exhausted of touching that filthy mobile screen to carry out searches, get directions, send texts, or play your favorite tunes? If so, you now have varied voice control competencies in the all new android version 4.4. All you need to do is, open your home screen or Google Now, and simply say “Ok Google,” and you’re done!

  3. Lock Screen Art Combined with Controls
  4. Now here’s another amusing feature for all those, who stream movies or listen to music on their devices via Chromecast. KitKat not only allows you to see stunning full-screen album and movie art while your device is locked, but also enables you to use dedicated controls that let you skip ahead, play, pause, or even lock the screen of the device.

  5. Immersive Mode
  6. Unlike those disturbing status bar and navigation buttons that remained on the home screen, especially while playing games, watching videos or reading eBooks, KitKat comes with all  new immersive display feature that conceals everything except the app you are currently using. Once done, just swipe the edge of your mobile screen to get back to navigation buttons and status bar.

  7. Emojis
  8. Here’s another amazing feature added by Google into its new Android version. There are Emoji, the colorful cartoonish smileys and ideograms to be used in your messages, making it more vibrant, which are available on Google Keyboard.

  9. Contact Prioritization
  10. You can sort your contact list depending on the priority of the people you often chat with. You may also search for varied number of businesses and places close to your location by using the search box present at the top.

  11. Improved and Smarter Caller ID
  12. Do you get annoyed if you get a call from an unrecognized number? Then this feature is surely for you!  Whenever you get a call from an unknown number, the Caller ID information will be retrieved from local registered listings present within Google Maps.

  13. Unlimited Home Screen Panels
  14. Through this added feature, you can now have an unlimited amount of folders, app shortcuts, and widgets on your home screen.

  15. Quickoffice Integration
  16. This feature is preinstalled and allows you to open, edit, and save the spreadsheets, documents, and presentations created using Google Docs or Microsoft Office on Google Drive or various other cloud storage services of your mobile.

  17. Consolidation of Messages
  18. This latest version consolidates all your MMS, SMS, Google Hangouts messages and video calls in the same app. With this remarkable feature, you can even share animated GIFs and location via the new Google Hangouts.

  19. Easter Egg
  20. Here’s another dramatic feature that changes your smartphone into a yummy KitKat chocolate bar. You can do this by continuously tapping the ‘Android 4.4′ text inside the ‘About Phone’ section present in the ‘Settings’ menu.

  21. Supports Integrated Pedometer
  22. You will surely like this feature if you have been waiting to spend on FitBit, or are looking to relax your device load. There are certain sensors that support these pedometer functions. This hardware is enabled through the app, named Move.

  23. Rapid Multitasking
  24. This nifty feature available in Android 4.4 enhances the system performance by optimizing memory and consequently advancing your touch-screen speed so that it responds in a faster way than it had ever before. Thus, you can now listen to music while playing games or browsing the web.

  25. Print Whenever or Wherever You Feel Like
  26. Now you can directly print your documents, photos or web pages from your tablet or mobile phone by connecting your device to HP ePrint printers, Google Cloud Print, and any other printer that are accessible to apps in the Google Play Store.

    In addition to these special features, there are various other features, which include:

    • Bluetooth MAP Support
    • KitKat supports the MAP (Message Access Profile), so now all cars that have Bluetooth enabled in them, can exchange messages with your gadget.

    • Tap to Pay, Built a New Way
    • This neat feature is for NFC payments, which generally works with every mobile carrier, and allows apps to store your payment details in the cloud or on your device.

    • Touch-screen Improvements
    • The new android phone responds to your touch in a faster and accurate way than it had ever before.

    • Low-power Auditory Playback
    • This feature allows you to listen to music for up to 60 long hours of automatic audio playback.

    • More Secured App Sandboxes
    • Now; all application sandboxes are protected with Security-Enhanced Linux OS.

    • Built-in Step Counting 
    • All those, who use various fitness apps, can now count their steps.

    • Refreshed Email App 
    • You fill find a redesigned Email app with all new fresh look having better navigation, contact photos and nested folders.

    • Full-screen Wallpapers with Preview
    • You may now extend your wallpaper via the system buttons and notification tray. In case, you change your wallpaper in the future, it will be the same just before you had set it.

    • IR Blasting
    • With the IR (infrared) blaster, the version supports applications for remote controls of TVs and various other devices.

    • HDR+ Photography
    • It allows you to automatically take a rapid burst of snaps in a single go and combine them giving the best possible click.

    • Closed Captioning
    • This new Android version also supports closed captioning and subtitles. To turn it on, go to ‘Settings,’ open ‘Accessibility’ option and turn on ‘Captions.’

    • Chromecast Support
    • Using your Android smartphone and a Chromecast, you can now enjoy your favorite online entertainment using YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, and Hulu Plus, on your HDTV.

    • Location Modes and Monitoring
    • If you want to preserve your battery life, go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Location’ in order to switch between high accuracy and battery-saving location modes. You do not need to use Wi-Fi, GPS, or any other mobile network settings. In order to see which app has requested your location recently, you may go to Settings > Location.

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