Last week, Apple came up with the latest iOS version, i.e., 9.3. There are numerous intriguing features that are added to this version. Users can now use night shift mode, which changes the color temperature of the display at night. Synchronization with the time and location helps decide whether the night mode is required or not. Users can also switch to low power mode in the battery settings tab, to save the battery from dying.

Another interesting feature is that you can now protect the confidential notes from unauthentic access by using passwords and touch ID. You can organize your notes in alphabetical order or by date created.

If you own more than one Apple watch, then here’s good news for you. You can pair multiple watches to single iPhone with this updated OS version. Health conscious people can also take a sigh of relief as it is now easier to find-third party health apps and install it to your health dashboard.

Driving can be a whole new experience for a few car users. The carPlay app has a lot of interesting features such as get direction, play music, send and receive calls and messages while driving. It can work with your car controls like button and knobs, touch or voice.

There is also an updated education app to enhance the learning experience.

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