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Thanks to the digital transformation the world has witnessed, mobile apps have become a necessary part of our lives today. No matter what the task at hand is, you will find a mobile app for everything. From booking cabs and ordering food to exercise and dating, mobile apps got everything covered.

It is projected that mobile apps would generate more than $935 billion in revenues through paid downloads and in-app advertising by 2023. There are millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, but only a few become popular among users and make money.

What makes an app stand apart from other competitors is the idea it’s based on. Moreover, the success of a business also depends on the app ideas in the digital world. If you own a business, you know that a mobile app is an essential business tool in the present era. More than 65% of people use mobile phones for online activities.

So, if you want to earn more revenue, you need to have out-of-the-box and good mobile app ideas to work on. Here are a few unique app ideas that will help you transform your business.

Trending Mobile App Ideas for 2022

1. Book a Table App

Nothing is worse than not finding a table in your favorite restaurant for a date night. Many people feel that it would be great to have an app that allows them to book a table of their choice in advance. Not only this, how about incorporating certain features that would enable them to book a meal also before arriving at the restaurant?

2. Design Your Room App

Buying furniture for your room is a big decision. An app based on augmented reality would use a phone’s camera and place 3D models of different pieces of furniture in the virtual space and help you design your room better. Further, collaborating with various shopping sites would allow users to buy items directly from the app.

3. Find Parking App

Finding a parking space is a headache for drivers these days. They need to wait for hours at times. A smart parking mobile app that helps drivers reach the vacant parking spot directly can prove to be a gamechanger. It would not only ease parking but also save a lot of time and effort.

4. Crime Alerts App

A crime alert app can help people keep a tab on the crimes happening around them. It would be just like any other social media app but with a difference. People can post updates about recent crimes that occurred in their area and alert others based on location.

5. Language Learning App

People are always looking to learn new languages. An app that helps them do better will always be appreciated. From incorporating different difficulty levels to correct pronunciations, you can make your language learning app a unique one. Interactive functions, a dictionary, and an appealing interface are some other features that would make it worth downloading.

6. Read it Loud App

Often when you return home from the office or after a long vacation, you have many letters in your mailbox. Having someone to read them out to you would be amazing. An app can do that easily. You just need to scan the paper, and it would read the contents. Sorted, right?

7. No-go Places App

Several apps suggest places based on your recent visits and interests. You could develop an app that tells you which places you should avoid based on the phobias you choose. This app would signal you about places you should not visit at any cost.

8. Real-time Translation App

Language is a significant barrier when you visit different countries. Conversations would become so easy if you had an app that could translate voice into English or some other chosen language in real-time. This app would make it easy for people to connect with locals without looking for external help.

9. Barter Exchange App

Each one of us has some unused or lesser used items that we would want to exchange with someone. While it is tedious to find someone in person, a mobile app can connect you with people who are looking for similar stuff. It’s one of the lesser-explored and simple app ideas that can earn good revenues.

10. Disaster Management App

While it is not possible to stop an incoming natural disaster, our best bet is to be prepared for it. A disaster management app would send alerts to all its users, warning them of a pending disaster. It would also allow users to request help when they are stuck in some tragedy. Disaster management agencies can choose this app to offer rescue and help to victims.

11. Event Reminder App

With our busy schedules, it is common to forget birthdays and other important events. While we can set alarms for reminders, an app for the same can do several different tasks. It would not only remind you of the event but also send across a greeting message if you are too busy to send it yourself.

12. Plan a Party App

Planning a party requires a lot of effort. This app would take care of everything, including catering, inviting guests, and send you last-minute reminders if you forget anything. It would show you the progress of the party planning and make all the calls.

13. Bike Servicing App

This app would connect two-wheeler owners with bike servicing providers. They would get all facilities like booking door-step pick-up and drop, payment and reduce the waiting time. While we already have apps that do the same for four-wheelers, developing the same app for bike owners is needed.

14. Find a Truck App

Finding a cab is super easy these days. Why? We have a lot of on-demand apps like Uber, Ola, etc. But do you feel the situation is the same for trucks? Apparently no. It’s tough to find a truck when moving places. The app would be basically like cab services for trucks. But it’s highly sought-after.

15. Read & Save App

Does it happen that you do not carry a pen and paper when you need it the most? This app will come to your rescue. It would read the text once and save it for future reference. So you do not need to write it down or search for the piece you once wrote.

16. School App

Online learning has become the new normal. During the pandemic, the need to communicate with parents is being felt all the more. Through this app, schools would be able to put out important notices and announcements in one place. This will also eliminate any technical errors that might occur in sending one-to-one messages.

17. Find a Tutor App

Gone are the days when you could find a tutor in the vicinity. With limited time, an app can work wonders. It can connect you to tutors online based on your location and subjects. Using this app would also reduce the time spent searching for a tutor and benefit your child in their studies.

18. Pregnancy App

A pregnancy app is one of the most useful apps you can develop to aid expecting mothers in their journey. It would not only contain suggestions and advice but also answer their questions. You can collaborate with professionals like doctors and nutritionists to guide women as needed.

19. Period Tracking App

A period tracking app allows users to enter their period starting and ending dates to keep a record. It reminds you of the upcoming period so that you can be prepared and also tells you if you’ve missed a period. It will also help users plan their pregnancy by being mindful of their menstrual cycles.

20. Subscription Reminder App

We subscribe to a lot of apps like Spotify, Netflix, PrimeVideo, Youtube, etc. If an app can keep track of all due subscription reminders, it would be easy for users to make payments or withdraw subscriptions without missing deadlines and enjoy their favorite services.

21. Pet Grooming App

Got a pet for the first time? There’ll be so many questions in your mind about how to take care of your pets, like what to feed, how to bathe them, among others. A pet grooming app would serve as a guide for pet parents to find answers to most of their questions.

22. Find a Tenant App

Several apps help you search homes online for rent and purchase. But it is not that simple to find tenants. Owners need to use social media apps to post about a vacant home up for renting. Creating an app that brings house owners and tenants together on one platform can be groundbreaking in this field.

23. General Help App

We have so many questions daily, and we feel the need to have someone around who could help us. For example, you would appreciate it if someone just helped you fix a wire or pet cage. An app with such basic everyday questions and their solutions can be of great importance.

24. Put Phone on Silent Mode App

When you visit a hospital, religious place, or funeral, this app would automatically switch your phone to silent mode. So you don’t need to worry even if you forget to do it. This app would work based on the location of the user and save them from embarrassment in public.

25. Internet Speed Check App

You do not need to open the browser to check the internet speed on your phone every time. This app would display the speed on the status bar and also tell you the amount of data consumed. You can also monitor the internet connection anytime you want using the app.

26. Track Loan Money App

If you lose track of the money you lend to people now and then, this app will be of great use. You can record all transactions and keep tabs on the payments you receive. It would also allow you to set payment reminders not to forget how much money others owe you or you owe to others.

27. Gift Suggestions App

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be time-consuming. You look for suggestions everywhere on the internet. How about having a single platform that gives you all ideas? This app would show you recommendations based on whom you want to give a gift to and the occasion. It can derive suggestions based on your friend’s social media profile.

28. Supermarket Checkout App

Billing counters at supermarkets are often crowded, and people need to wait long for billing. An app that reduces the waiting time at cash counters will be much appreciated. It would let you scan the products on your mobile phone while shopping and make the payment accordingly, thereby avoiding long queues.

29. Picture Translation App

There are times when we all face problems reading or decoding a picture or a sign. Having an app that does the job of Google lens would make things so easy. It would help you translate images or signboards written in foreign languages. This has great scope in the travel and tourism industry, where travelers find it difficult to understand foreign languages.

30. Mall Navigation App

The malls are huge. They have almost all facilities from shopping to restaurants and adventure zones. People find it challenging to move from one shop to another in such a vast setting. Having a navigation app for the mall can ease the movement and save a lot of your time. It would guide you through different floors and give directions as required.

31. Exam Preparation App

Students these days prefer studying online, especially during the pandemic when online exams and classes are the new normal. Creating an app that collates all study materials and mock tests in one place can relieve their stress, and they can focus on studying better. This app would be divided into several categories for different streams or subjects.

32. Interior Design App

If you are designing your home for the first time or hiring an interior designer is out of your budget, you can consider using an app that helps you with the basics. It would assist you at every stage of the decoration process. From shopping the right things to color coordination and measurements, this app would be your design guide at the most affordable plan rates.

33. Cryptocurrency Trading App

Cryptocurrency has a lot of potential to grow and emerge in the future. Most people want to trade in the cryptocurrency market but do not know where to start. Developing a trading app as we have for stock markets can be highly profitable. It will be a revolutionary idea as the concept is still in its nascent stages.

34. Auto Answer Calls App

There are times when you cannot answer calls because you are in the middle of something. This app would help you answer incoming phone calls automatically and relieve you of worries. It is of great use when you are driving a vehicle. It would automatically detect that you are driving and answer the call for you.

35. News App

Nobody has the time to read newspapers these days. People are always looking for options that give them the best news on the go. What can be better than having a dedicated app for this purpose? There are several news apps in the market. You can make yours stand apart from others by introducing new features and customization options.

36. Meditation App

Just like you need fitness and yoga instructors, you also need someone to guide you through the process of meditation. We all need the motivation to practice meditation every day. A meditation app can be designed specifically for this. It would have all the right meditation techniques along with audio and videos. You can use it to increase your attention span.

37. Donation App

We have realized the importance of donations across borders during the pandemic. Online fundraisers are being organized on several platforms. A dedicated app for contributions will make it simple for users to donate to charity organizations. This app would have links to various charities and keep you updated on their donation drives.

38. 3D Printing App

3D printing is all about your imagination. This app would allow you to print 3D models using your smartphones. It won’t be necessary for you to design the model on your PCs as 3D printers can easily connect to mobile phones. You can give the print command while you are on the go using your phone, and the 3D model would be ready when you reach home.

39. Dating App

We agree there are several dating apps already. But dating never goes out of trend. People are always on the lookout for new apps that offer them added functionalities to connect with others. It’s an area you can explore as much as you want and earn decent profits.

40. Movie Review and Recommendation App

Everyone uses social media to read about the latest movies and TV shows. People decide what to watch based on the reviews on the internet. This app would provide a single platform to share reviews and recommendations that others can view. It will have reviews of all the latest releases.

41. Storytelling App

People love to read stories. As they spend more and more of their time online, it is an excellent opportunity for you to give them a platform to read stories posted by acclaimed writers. You can collaborate with authors and writers and make your app unique. The app can also have an audio feature for those who prefer listening to stories instead of reading them.

42. Book Exchange App

Buying and selling old books is a profitable business. People go to physical stores to buy old books. If you can give them an app that allows book exchange at a nominal cost, nothing can beat it. This app would also help you make a community of readers who interact through book exchange.

43. Graphic Design App

Graphic designers prefer using the desktop for creating new designs and doing their work. But with the increasing use of mobile phones for social media, it becomes necessary to have apps to design creatives. This app would allow you to scan, paint and sketch your drawings on mobile phones.

44. Mental Health App

At a time when people are isolated, and away from their friends, mental health issues have grown manifold. A mobile app that guides them through different mental exercises to keep them engaged and happy would be a great idea. This app would also collaborate with mental health experts who offer counseling to those ready to talk.

45. Fashion Design App

Gone are the days when fashion designers had to go to colleges and learn everything in person. Now it is possible to draw and design everything on tablets and mobile phones. This app would allow you to sketch and draw designs on digital devices, and you can share them across.

46. WiFi Finder App

When you do not have an internet connection, this app will help your phone find a WiFi connection. It can also be used as a hotspot scanner. You can save data usage and check that the WiFi network is free or secured. It also allows you to sort the connections based on signal strength.

47. Control My Home App

With IoT devices taking over our lives, we would want an app to do things automatically. This app would help control everything in your home with a mobile device. From kitchen appliances to lighting and other tasks, you can do everything using this app. An added advantage is that you can control this app from any location.

48. Try Before You Buy App

Most online shopping websites do not allow you to try the products before buying. There’s always this hassle of returning the items you do not like. This app would be based on augmented reality and allow users to try products and see how they look before purchasing.

49. Food Donation App

You must have seen that a lot of food goes to waste at events like weddings or birthday parties. It is not always possible to find needy people to whom you can give the leftover food. This mobile app would connect restaurants and people to organizations that keep track of the needy and hungry making it easy to donate food.

50. Analyze Food Freshness App

How do you check whether a food item is fresh or stale? We depend on our senses of taste and smell, but not everyone has this experience. This app would be based on AI/ML and will identify rotten and stale food. Users just need to click the pictures of the food items, and the app would analyze the quality of the food using multiple data points.

51. Audio Social App

The immense popularity of social networking apps based on the voice has opened the doors for developing other such applications. Voice-based social media app ideas will serve as a powerful alternative to text-based apps. It’s a profitable idea that you can explore because it has just started to gain attention.

52. Find Part-time Jobs App

Freelancing is a budding field in the job market these days because of the flexibility it offers to those looking for part-time jobs. The purpose of creating this app will be to connect freelancers to employers. Your app would employ several college students and freshers too.

53. Hire an Artist App

We look forward to hiring artists for various events like birthday parties, weddings, office parties, etc. Not many of us have contact details of these artists, so we can reach them when needed through an app. From musicians to dance artists and stand-up comics, this app would allow users to connect to freelance artists as per requirement.

54. Karaoke App

During the pandemic, people are learning and enjoying everything online. If you miss going to places and singing Karaoke randomly, this app will give you company. You can spend quality time with your family by singing Karaoke with this app. It will have an endless catalog of music videos and allow you to record your favorite songs and share them with your friends.

55. Symptoms Tracker App

People have a common habit of searching for a diverse range of disease symptoms on Google. Creating an app that answers their basic questions related to health and common symptoms is a win-win, especially when you cannot rush to the doctor for every little thing. Moreover, it will also let users record their symptoms so that contact tracing can be done effectively.

56. Virtual Group Study App

There are several online forums where students ask their doubts related to a subject or exam. With classes moving online, having an app that allows them to discuss doubts and questions with peers will be highly profitable in the future. The app will just be a virtual representation of study groups. It’s one of the easy app ideas that will be in demand.

57. House help Finder App

Many times people look for someone to help them with household chores temporarily. It can be challenging to find one if you are new to the city. This app will have contact details of people who help in household chores categorized based on the services they offer. It will not only help users find a house help but also ensure that they are getting fair wages.

58. Hair Color Finding App

Just like clothes, if you want to check which color will suit your hair, you can do it virtually using this app. It is one of those trending app ideas that the younger generation believes in. This app would be a great help in choosing the right hair color as you already know how it will look.

Ready to Choose from these Innovative App Ideas?

The increasing use of mobile apps for everything has made them quite popular among budding entrepreneurs. Startups look forward to connecting with people by giving them innovative technologies and app ideas. While these are some of the best app ideas collated by us, you can develop your unique ones and bring about a revolution in the market.

Let this blog be the beginning of your great app ideas. If you are convinced to transform some of these mobile app ideas into usable apps, get in touch with our team right away.



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