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Singapore Personal Access or SingPass, an app developed by the Government Technology Agency, allows citizens to transact easily and securely online with over 60 government agencies.

The app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei operating systems. It can be used as an alternative Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method to access digital services using your fingerprint, face ID, or a 6-digit passcode.

Uses of SingPass Mobile App

You can:

1. Log in to popular digital services with just one tap

2. View your personal information

3. Receive notifications from government agencies

4. Approve transactions with your digital signatures 5. Digitally sign documents

Ways in which SingPassMobile App Makes your Life Easier

1. It’s convenient to use

With the Singapore government discontinuing the OneKey token from April 2021, it has become more convenient for people to access digital services via the SingPass app. While accessing the app, you are not required to memorize long passwords or wait for an OTP through SMS.

You can log in to the app by scanning your fingerprint, face recognition, or a 6-digit passcode. You do not need a OneKey token anymore when you are traveling. If you have an active internet connection, you can carry out any transaction using your phone.

2. It shows your personal information in one place

The MyInfo Profile feature on the SingPass app allows you access to all your personal information anytime, anywhere. You can view your passport expiry date, CPF contribution history, HDB property details, and all other information in one place.

There’s an added advantage that you do not need to switch between multiple screens to retrieve your personal information. It helps you save a lot of time. Wondering how you can view your personal information?

Go to ‘View MyInfo Profile’ in the SingPass Mobile app. Here you will be asked to verify your identity using biometric authentication or six-digit passcode. Once your identity is confirmed, your profile information will load automatically. All the details are updated automatically on the SingPass app. So you do not need to worry about losing any data.

3. It allows you to access digital services faster

The primary purpose of switching to the SingPass app is to make it easy for users to access different governmental services. The app is multifunctional and offers a plethora of services, all this while letting you use its services with one tap. The app’s navigation system in the form of SingPass Login Shortcuts allows you to see some of the most frequently used digital services in one place.

You will see the icons of these services like those offered by CPF, HDB, and NS Portal on the homepage. You need to tap on the services you are interested in accessing. Once you verify your identity using biometrics or 6-digit passcode, you will be redirected to the selected services. These shortcuts are a great way to save time.

Eligibility for SingPass

You need to be 15 years old to apply for SingPass. The following persons can apply for Singpass:

  • Someone who is a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore
  • Someone who has an employment pass for Singapore
  • EntrePass and S-Pass holders
  • Students who have a student pass for Singapore
  • Someone who has a work permit for Singapore
  • Someone who holds a dependent pass
  • Someone who holds the long-term visit pass

Managing your SingPass Account

You can manage your SingPass account easily through the SingPass portal. Users can reset their SingPass password, update address, and other details there.

FAQs: SingPass App

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of the SingPass app.

1. Can I use the app for free?

The SingPass mobile app is free. You need an internet connection and a mobile phone to access all digital services. You can use the app and avail services even when you are on the go or overseas.

2. Can I install the app on multiple devices?

No. The SingPass app can only be activated on a single device at a time. If you activate the app on a new device, it will automatically be deactivated on the old device. It is done to avoid duplication of your credentials. It also prevents any misuse and ensures your data security.

3. How do I get an authentication certificate?

When you download the SingPass app on your device and complete the setup process, the National Certification Authority (NCA) will issue a digital identity to you. It acts as identity proof whenever you carry out a transaction on the app. The authentication certificate also bears a unique serial number. You can see this number in your SingPass app Settings > Digital identity details.



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