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Content writing is a talent, which can grow only with perseverance. The people who find out this ability in themselves are most likely to turn into a web content writer, especially in this era of digital marketing. In this age, the content written on the web is something people are constantly looking for. As you might have an idea about the importance of content, you might also want to know how much does professional content writing cost? Firstly, one must learn about the factors determining the cost of a writer, which are as follows:

1. Skill Set

The most relevant way to know whether the candidate is suitable for writing as per your description is finding out what are his/her key strengths and majors. For example, if you need a technical writer, and the person has a strong hold on technical matters or articles related to technology, then you just need to test his writing skills. Here, both the writing skills and domain of knowledge are equally important.

2. Creativity and Uniqueness

Today, content that’s unique, creative, out-of-the-box, innovative and connects to every individual is valued the most. Therefore, the campaigns or the websites that sport the most eccentric content worth the most, show a significant growth and remain atop of the search. Hence, the candidate must have a quirk that makes his or her application unique and intriguing.

3. Experience

Although some writers are eligible to pen down the articles for your projects or sites, they lack the experience required to get hired in the first place. Experience is the only thing that differentiates between a rookie and a pro writer. Furthermore, experienced ones bring a lot to the table like they know the market, trends, important points to achieve higher traffic, better researchers, etc.

4. Other Qualities

Qualities that truly define a good content writer are efficiency, efficacy, regularity, and punctuality. Other than that, The writers must know in brief about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usage of appropriate keywords to increase the reach of the content. They should also have very good research skills to provide you with the best content over the Internet. As there is already a lot on the plate, the writer must be flexible, ready to learn, grow and accept the change in the nature of the projects.

These were the key factors to sum up the cost of a good content writer. However, it is a two-way street as the writer has the same amount of say in this topic. It’s mostly in his/her will to put his/her desired cost in front of the employer. Furthermore, cost depends on the niche on which the writing is to be done. It a;so hinges on the discretion of the company as well as the demography. For example, if we are writing for the US, the cost will be different than that in the UK. So, basically, you can’t defy the exact numbers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages calculated for writers & authors and technical writers are $60,250 per annum or $28.97 per hour and $70,240 per annum or $33.77 per hour respectively. The wages of writers can vary on the type of content they are generating. The various types of web content writing and the cost are as follows:

1. Landing Pages

A landing page is drawn with the respect to the design of the site along with intelligent calls to action ideology comprising of suitable SEO keywords that generate substantial leads for the site. Crafted with a motive to turn a visitor into a shopper, the page needs a brilliant content of around 250-450 words. The other aim of the lander page is to obtain the information of the visitors for which a form to fill personal details like Name, address, email address, etc. appears.

A landing page does need a creative and experienced writer who can do justice to the thought behind its creation. Being an interactive page, it needs a catchy yet smart content to grab the attention of the visitors. Hence, the hourly rate to draft a whole landing page can range from $40 to $400 depending on the provider and the time consumption.

2. SEO-Friendly Blogs

An SEO blog or article is written in a manner to boost online sales and traffic. Wherein, proper use of Search Engine Optimization is made so that the site ranks at the top when related keywords are searched on Google. Moreover, the rank of the web portal also increases with the hike in the traffic and sales.

Consequently, the rates can highly vary depending upon the size of the article and time spent on research. An in-depth 2000+ words article can cost up to $2000, wherein the provider will do the posting along with all the necessary requirements of SEO. Moreover, the blog can range from $70-$1000 in respect to the quality of the content.

3. In-Depth Article with Link Baiting

Generating an in-depth article using link baiting technique is not a child’s play. It requires a very high set of skills and talent, but once the material is made and posted, the traffic it accumulates is heart-warming. Although, being a long and time-consuming article, it is not that expensive. The cost of a nice copy ranges from $600 to $2000.

4. Press Releases

A Press Release is a sweet content that is highly precise and influential. There are numerous PR agencies across the globe who are ready to serve you. It’s on you whether you hire a PR firm and spend around $1000-$1500 per copy or you can find an intelligent freelancer from any of the sites like upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, etc. These freelancers will cost up to $200 per hour. Just make sure that the writers know how exactly to form a press release.

5. E-mail Newsletters

An E-mail Newsletter has a compelling headline that makes sure that it is opened by the receiver and with the help of a grasping content, the call to action link sent in the letter is clicked. Choose your newsletters writers wisely, otherwise, they may also find a way to the spam folder. A freelance writer can do this job in between $20 to $150.


There is no particular rate to check before hiring a professional content writer. Therefore, the only way of calculating the worth of your articles, blogs, press releases or newsletters is by measuring its contribution to the betterment of the site. The better will be the content, the better are the chances for the portal to have a top rank.



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