Singapore Pools Mobile App – Betting Made Easier

15th July 2021

As per a survey, more than 26% of the world’s population gamble, which means around 1.6 billion people in the world bet. This number is increasing rapidly. It shows that the gambling industry is fast becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. While there are people in every country who gamble, there […]

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50+ Trending App Ideas to Transform your Startup in 2022

08th July 2021

Thanks to the digital transformation the world has witnessed, mobile apps have become a necessary part of our lives today. No matter what the task at hand is, you will find a mobile app for everything. From booking cabs and ordering food to exercise and dating, mobile apps got everything covered. It is projected that […]

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SingPass Mobile App: A Quick User Guide

30th June 2021

Singapore Personal Access or SingPass, an app developed by the Government Technology Agency, allows citizens to transact easily and securely online with over 60 government agencies. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei operating systems. It can be used as an alternative Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method to access digital services using your fingerprint, […]

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CitiBank Mobile App: Features, Drawbacks and More

30th June 2021

The importance of mobile apps has become all the more evident during the pandemic. From shopping to banking, we feel the need for a mobile app for everything. A mobile banking app is loaded with several features to ease the customers’ experience. While the functionality varies from one bank to another, banking apps have redefined […]

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6 Design Tips to Boost Conversion Rates of your Website

15th January 2021

If you have created a website for business purposes, your main aim is to generate profit out of it. The increasing reach of the Internet in all parts of the globe is one big reason that every company has an online presence today. The two basic things that grab the attention of the visitors on […]

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Qualities of the Best Mobile App Development Company

14th January 2021

Low-priced troubleshooting: An app is launched and released for use by customers, but what if faces any difficulty at user end. This is not where the task is finished; a lot more has to be performed if any fault occurs in final execution. If it experiences any setback, there is always a team of skilled […]

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21 Most Useful iOS Apps For The Residents Of Singapore

12th January 2021

The smartphone is something that has truly changed the whole lifestyle of the human race. It is the door to unlimited possibilities, especially when it is connected to the rest of the world via the Internet. Secondly, they have bestowed us with the applications that have restructured the ways of our living. With the help […]

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12 Ways to Safeguard Mobile Apps from Menacing Cyber Attacks

11th January 2021

Thanks to the technological evolution, the number of smartphone users is thriving at an accelerating pace.  By the end of this year, their number will reach 3.2 billion, and the same is expected to cross the mark of 3.8 billion worldwide by the year 2021, as per the  Statista report.   On average, a regular […]

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How Much Does a Website Cost

10th January 2021

As all the business owners are focusing on having a website to enhance their marketing and sales programs, website creation has also become a highly-renowned occupation. We all know that a website is the virtual representation of any business organization irrespective of its size, industry, approach, etc. But, not everyone knows about the website cost […]

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How to Make an App Go Viral – 10 Efficient Marketing Strategies

07th January 2021

In the recent past, all types of mobile apps and other applications have stormed into the market, providing advanced features and ample convenience to users all over the world. Various surveys have stated that most people get influenced to use a product or service with a known’s reference. Social media is considered one of the […]

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