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Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are the craziest inventions of the 21st century. The earlier devices were feature-specific and could not add/ subtract any of them. The advent of smartphone technology offered many options to users who can now customize their usage.

A study conducted by Buildfire in 2021 shows that there are more than 3.2 billion smartphones users & 1.14 billion tablet users all over the World. Internet consumers are increasing drastically every year, and according to Internet World Stats, 63.2% of the World’s total population uses the internet, which has increased by 1,266% from 2000 to 2021. It is to note here that 51.8% of the World’s real internet users are from Asia.

It is evident that the new internet era belongs to mobile apps, and a perfect mobile app idea has the potential to take you to the heights of popularity and wealth. Skylark is among the top-notch mobile app development company in Singapore that implies a technically advanced mobile app development process. You can contact the helpdesk to get along with your application requirements. Let us dig deeper into what is the need for having a mobile app.

Advantages of Mobile App Development for Your Business Growth

Following the latest trend in mobile app development, it is pretty obvious to come up with a mobile app idea. The reason behind planning an app could be from monetization to earning popularity or brand promotion, but eventually, the suspicions of “what ifs’” create a lot of hesitation, and we tend to move backward.

Not anymore, as we will explain why it is essential to opt for a mobile application, besides providing you with unanimous mobile app ideas that fit your understanding. We will also assist you with all sorts of mobile app development services. Some of the benefits of mobile applications are discussed below.

  • Research by “Braze” shows a continuous rise in mobile phone usage regarding desktop users, and people spend more time on applications. There are approx 40-70 app installs per device. A fascinating fact is that 96% of users prefer to download 4-star rating apps, which is also a reason enough to choose the best mobile app development company for your business.
  • With an increase in the number of internet consumers through mobile devices, it is necessary to follow the trend to stay ahead in the competitive environment.
  • Since every hand holds a mobile or a tablet, it helps pave a solution to the user to avail easy engagement with the company of concern, provided an app solution is enabled. It is high time for you to contemplate a mobile app idea that complements your business plan as a relatable phenomenon.
  • A well-organized mobile application helps increase customer engagement and indirectly enhances brand awareness in the public space.
  • Research data by TechCrunch records, 26% of total worldwide funding in 2020 was captivated by mobile apps startups. Hence an optimum mobile application is a trusted way to generate income.

100+ Mobile App Ideas for 2021-22

  1. E-learning Solution: It is an interactive and valuable platform that gives users a single place to find everything from chapter-wise videos to e-library, ebooks, subject quizzes, and puzzle games. It will be an excellent mobile app idea to enhance the knowledge & productivity of the students with the ease of learning.
  2. Cab Hiring Solution: With the increasing diameter of cities and smooth connectivity for intercity travels, a fast and instant taxi service is a highly desired attribute. The local dwellers in any region need to travel across the place whenever is required. They hence expect a secure, credible taxi hiring system that enables real-time location mapping, wallet payment, driver info, cab availability, fares. 
  3. Health & Wellness Solution App: Whether opting for a regular health checkup or looking for a doctor during health hazards, we all desire a place where it is possible to find expert intimations. A single-point application can provide health awareness guides and a city-wise list of doctors in a specific field. It is an incredible mobile app idea, especially after the pandemic, since it can also enable patients to interact with doctors for online appointments directly.
  4. Store App: Opening a shop to sell products of any sort requires proper item listing besides storage space. A full-fledged store application is always needed to create an online inventory listing. This shop owner can categorize the products and throw offers to attract customers who can quickly check out the items and create a digital order list.
  5. eWalletApp:The digital payment app is an excellent mobile app idea and can easily attract users by allowing transactions through all the means like a bank account, debit/ credit card, or net banking instantly & safely. eWallets App: Online payment system is another technological advancement that both buyers and sellers appreciate. It is preferred by users if the app guarantees secure and easy money transfer.
  6. Workout Instructions App: Exercising has inevitable benefits, and its craze is on top of the minds of young adults and aging individuals. With an increasing number of gym & yoga centers on every corner, everyone can’t clash the timings. An app-based workout direction can efficiently resolve the problem by enabling live coaching and short videos and pictures depicting the postures.
  7. Customized Social Networking App: Communication is much easier than ever before since the last decade, and the credit is to the new generation of social media tools. Social media on the mobile phone is a step ahead as it gives instant access to chatting & reviews.Launching a social media networking app will be fruitful if customized to match the user’s needs and easily convinces with its thrilling trendy features.
  8. Real Estate Buy & Rent App: Real estate is the real investment. This is a famous phrase, and accordingly, most individuals have an inner wish to own single or more real estate properties. To help such individuals find their requirements, a property dealing mobile app is the best solution where owners can advertise their deals. Customers can have an easy connection after getting a glimpse of the details either for rent or purchase.
  9. Logistics Tracking App: Sending or receiving consignments is not a single-handed process. It sometimes becomes a headache for both the client and the customer if any mismanagement appears in the delivery process. It is essential to have route management & to track app, where it is also possible to track using GPS and RFID tags for real-time location facility for both the customer & client.
  10. Material & Resource Management App: The oil & gas industries involve a bulk of labor and fieldwork. This, in turn, needs a system through which the supervisors can easily keep a check over the workers and materials & resources employed. The best option to manage such jobs is to get a help and material management mobile solution, making the process efficient.
  11. Car Tracking Solution: Some companies allot private vehicle owners for office staff pick n drop services. An integral part of such a cab service is thereal-time vehicle tracking system, and a mobile application can work effectively in recording the movement of the taxis. It ultimately helps secure the passengers from misconduct while traveling, and of course, locating vehicles live.
  12. Fitness Solution App: With smartphones in your hand now, you can easily manage your daily diet & exercise plan. Technological advancement has led to mobile applications where it is possible to check your fitness statistics and receive notification alerts on routine follow-ups.
  13. University App: Every school & college is now dealing with the bulk of digital data associated with staff and students. Implementing a mobility solution with features like links to webinars, class notifications, fee payment, and many more can make the process highly efficient, elegant, and transparent. An institution app is an essential facility for enrolled students.
  14. Ecommerce Web-App: One cannot stop shopaholics from buying items once they are in a good mood. Visiting shops is an old-school thing now since the eCommerce websites have made everything available under a single umbrella. But with smartphones in every individual’s hand, an intelligent eCommerce application is a superb idea to attract customers. Even the retailers can now avail an eCommerce mobile app for product promotion, offers, and liable customer base. 
  15. mBanking Solution: We all are too busy in our daily work routines such as job, family, etc., and it becomes tough to visit a bank branch for any regular services. Every person wishes to get a portable online banking solution to handle all the banking work in a single space. A secure & well-structured mobile banking systemwith multiple functions is a one-stop tool for the customer.
  16. Diet & Nutrition Solution: No matter how much we try to stay conscious about maintaining physical health through what we eat, but the plans quickly fade out like a new year’s resolution. We need mobile nutrition tracking mobile app with features to track our everyday food habits regarding the calorie required per body structure and keep alerting us against over-eating.
  17. Customized Facebook App: Big business organizations work enthusiastically for promotional work and customer interaction over Facebook. Instead of a generalized mobility solution, an optimum choice is to have an authentic, flawless, and personalized Facebook mobile app, which will be effective & efficient in increasing business growth.
  18. Apps For Property Dealing Companies: People own a flat or any other property to either stay there or use it as an investment plan. In either case, whether a buyer or seller, each one wants a safe & secure deal that has no disputes. The property dealing companies must opt for a mobile application that can quickly fulfill the purpose by allowing the parties to create a verified login and match the credibility criteria standards for the prospects.
  19. Service Management App: The eCommerce business is on the rise, and due to the continuous trend of online shopping, even the logistics companies are booming altogether. To comfortably manage the workload & responsibilities in the official job and with clients, a mobile app service management system can be a great help, as it can relieve the stress level and improve efficiency.
  20. Transport Management Application: Big industries and factories depend excessively on supply management for resource & workforce transportation. For client satisfaction and on-time transport, a transport management mobile solution helps track the vehicles, maintenance, or fuel usage, recorded on one platform.
  21. Tour &Travel App: Tourism is an evergreen industry in terms of growth. If we leave exceptions like Covid 19 pandemic, there is a continuous boom for the linked individuals and organizations. Hence a handy tour booking system with all the valuable features incorporated into booking packages, hotel pictures, destination details is a worth mobile app idea.
  22. Health Tracking & Monitoring App: It is a piece of genuine mandatory advice to chronic disease patients to record their health data regularly to avoid sudden discomfort. The doctors always ask the patients to monitor the specifics in a systematic manner, for which the health wellness tracking mobile app solution is the best option.
  23. Online Education App: An online education app is the most popular and preferred mobile app idea, especially after the pandemic. It can let the students from around the World connect over a podium and study from the same lectures in real-time or through recorded video. There can also be an option to upload ebooks or chapter notes to a preferred category or for free.
  24. Grocery Shopping App: Four days a week, it is normal for any household person to visit a grocery shop and buy groceries. It is pretty tedious work to go out, stand in a line, and purchase items. An online grocery shop is welcomed by most persons who wish to stay at home and get the order home-delivered.
  25. Investment Planning App: Investment & money matters have always been a troubled job since it involves a lot of analysis and experience. An Investment & Tax planning application can provide a system to display the allocated investments on the login screen. The investor can also check the portfolio and performance reports.
  26. Fitness Tracking Mobile App: For all those fitness freaks and fitness seekers, here is a mobile app idea that can benefit you consecutively. A fitness tracking app can successfully record your daily movements and inform you of the daily target achieved. The statistics of the monthly data can assist in planning for further improvements.
  27. Plug-ins Connect: Plug-ins allow the users to share content from the website to social networking sites. Plug-ins & Connect will benefit the website by increasing views through the shared posts, and the by-product is business growth & customer gain.
  28. Mobile Apps For Brokers: A unique broker-centric mobile application can be developed keeping in mind the requirements of the brokers, who usually stand as the middlemen in property dealing. Such an app will be a sound mobile app ideafor all the brokers. It will be a suitable option to record the information systematically as their work involves a lot of data related to the customers & clients besides the detailing related to the properties.
  29. Warehousing App: The warehousing business is at the backend of the big brands, but that covers a lot of responsibility in creating the brand image by delivering the right product at the right place with zero damage probability. A warehousing app keeps all the data related to the parcel and enables easy and instant response to the customer whenever needed.
  30. GPS Tracking System: With regular road constructions, and an increasing number of highways, it is hard to remember the routes, especially newly created locations. Hence among the most beneficial mobile app idea is a GPS tracking mobile app that lets the vehicle driver successfully locate the weirdest destinations, which ultimately save time & energy.
  31. Review &Analysis App: a business cannot sustain itself longer if its performance level is not analyzed regularly. It is necessary to record the data on specific parameters to study and compare. A data analysis mobile application with features to record & process information to produce graphical or tabloid analysis will help enhance business growth.
  32. mHealth App: mHealth app is a complete mobile health application where users can save their doctor’s appointments, daily medicine schedules, medical bills, blood reports, and other scans. This is a much-needed app for anyone and, more importantly, the old-age persons who tend to forget.
  33. Staff & Students Administration App: It is hard to maintain an extensive list of students and staff studying or teaching in an institute. An app solution for Staff & Students, once uploaded with a complete data structure, can be a great help. Teachers can manage students’ details such as their assignments, submissions, attendance.
  34. Retail Management System: A retail shop owner must administer multiple things from the store, inventory, staff, delivery status, customers, brands, etc. All he needs is a hand-held system through which it is possible to manage everything without any discrepancy. A retail management app is an optimum solution for the owner to verify all the data entries, including staff attendance, order tracking, and inventory, in real-time.
  35. Report& Resource Support Application: Finance companies are bound to handle the bulk of investors or clients for equal opportunity for instant assistance. In connection to the clients, there is a long list of agents and regular staff. A mobile report & resource management system is a must to track and manage the organization’s financial-related issues efficiently.
  36. Daily Activity Tracking App:An activity tracking app is a must to have on every mobile phone. It can run in the background and track your running, walking, or using the staircase, thereby calculating the distance covered and calories burned daily.
  37. Social Media Games: The social site enthusiasts love to spend their quality time playing those fun-filled third-party games. These social media games quickly gain popularity as there is no need for a system download, and most of them allow multi-user play. Friends find it suitable to chat and play together on the same platform.
  38. Customized Apps For Real Estate: People working in the real estate business are well aware of the hectic scenarios. Creating a customized real estate app that covers all the business’s specific requirements that ease the complete functionality is possible. It is never just about buying & selling but has much more regarding plans & offers, for the potential buyers.
  39. Logistics Distribution Management App: Once a person orders a product through online shopping means, it is the responsibility of the eCommerce brands to deliver the product successfully with customer satisfaction. These companies hire distribution partners who deal with the delivery process and connect with multiple distribution channels from dispatch to delivery of the item. This complete process requires continuous tracking & supervision of the delivery boxes, where the distribution management apps play a significant role in optimizing the workflow.
  40. Marriage Album App: Marriages are made in heaven, and the ceremonies are such lifetime memories that we cherish all our life. We all love to share those amazing pictures with our loved ones, and it is pretty hectic to send photos one by one while also repeating the same effort to every individual. A marriage album app lets users easily share the photographs by uploading them over the portal and instantly sharing the portal link.
  41. Product Analysis Mobile App: There are a few specific business industries: the oil & gas industry. It is compulsive to examine the concerned item that is to be purchased thoroughly. By providing the product analysis app to the managers, buying & selling becomes credible & straightforward, as the quality details are shared by authentic means to capture the deal.
  42. Drink Water Notification App: One of the most heard advice from doctors for a person to stay healthy is to drink 2 – 3 liters of water, which depends upon an individual’s health conditions. Here is a mobile app idea that can remind in set intervals to drink water. You can easily track your drinking habits using the water logging app, where you only need to enter the daily water intake needs.
  43. Get Rid Of Drinking Habits:Drinking addiction has become a severe problem in our society, and whether a teenager or adult, each one’s life is getting ruined. A suitable app can be designed to help those who wish to quit drinking, which contains all the material related to motivating the person with positive thoughts and the health benefits of staying away from alcohol. The quit drinking app offers a course of a set pattern to achieve quick results.
  44. Brainscape: Flashcards are one of the intelligent ways of studying and are effective in increasing learning speed. The Brainscape mobile app establishes a proven cognitive science learning formula by presenting the flashcards after the required interval based on each person’s capacity. One quickly gets into the habit of using the app, and all it needs is a continuous rating of the flashcards as per the concept grasped, and accordingly, it appears after intervals.
  45. Meal Fixation App: It is always a typical job to decide a meal every time for working people. Here is a 21 days meal planning app where you can most conveniently add your meals and save them with a picture. The pictures can be shared over social media, and held meals will help future meal plans saving a lot of work.
  46. Dating App: Social sites are comfortable for regular chatting and making friends, but here is a specific dating mobile app like the Romeo app, popular in Europe. It offers many more features to the users than regular social media apps like personal picture sharing, GPS position hiding, and free search options.
  47. Sleep Sound Alarm Clock App: Sometimes, it is not just about sleeping and waking up to a high pitch sound. The sleep sound application is specially created to give a soothing experience while sleeping. There are preset tuned programs and customized tracks to enhance aural entertainment to let you sleep quickly & comfortably and wake up refreshed.
  48. Language Learning App: In a globalized society, it is always beneficial to gain command over multiple languages in both speaking and writing. With more people visiting different parts of the World as tourists, staffing, business purposes, or students, the specific country’s language learning material is regularly being searched. The Japanese Nemo mobile app is an excellent example of a language learning appthat helps the user to get empowered in the Japanese from the beginner’s level, particularly enhancing vocal abilities.
  49. Product Sharing App: An app solution that lets the local person advertise their home equipment like electrical electronics, kitchen utensils, or any other hardware products & services for rent. It can be a place for people to rent objects and not just residential/ commercial properties or vehicles for a specific time.
  50. Read & Learn App: The times have changed since the advent of smartphones, and book lovers now prefer to purchase an online copy of their favorite novels & magazines. In a similar context, a powerful app development concept is the reading& learning app, which presents the best out of all the famous creations in a straightforward style to its readers. The Blinkist app is one of such kind that offers insights from a vast list of bestselling non-fiction into helpful 15-minute audios or readable.
  51. Smart Workout App:It is a specially designed workout app idea for iOS users, particularly Apple Watches. Here is a suitable application for Apple watch users to experience the workout sessions in a three-dimensional view instead of videos or pictures. The Gymaholic app is the first app that incorporates Augmented Reality technology and gives liberty to Apple watchusersto exercise comfortably without holding iPhone. The Smart workout app is among the best training app that can also track daily activities.
  52. Meditation For Kids App: Meditation is an integral part of our life to get a balanced lifestyle and structured living. Using the meditation for kids mobile app, you can let your kid learn the mindfulness activities and value of kindness, resilience, or optimism through unique meditation skills.
  53. Ecommerce News App: To all the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to create a venture in the e-commerce segment, it is always advantageous to perceive the core knowledge from the best achievers. An Ecommerce insider news app can purposefully provide the daily news content related to the topmost portals like eBay & Amazon and analytically review the successful decisions made.
  54. B2B Ecommerce Breaking: A highly desired mobility solution to the b2b business owners is an app that provides exclusive news about the eCommerce world. The B2B eCommerce app covers all the sectors like healthcare, finance, etc., and works to enlighten you with the knowledge to gain supremacy in the market. There are several ranges of informative articles and tools to improvise in the eCommerce business.
  55. Ecommerce Magazine: A popular mobile application segment is online magazines since readers prefer to subscribe to the mobile version instead of paper booklets. The eCommerce magazine app gains a lot of views as it covers everything that a reader expects, i.e., articles related to product promotion, advertisements, social media, sales, payment, logistics, and much more.
  56. Build Your Ecommerce App: Mobile shopping is not the new trend, and intelligent shop-owners are always eager to launch an app-based shopping solution. The Ecommerce preview application lets the users create a mobile app within minutes, even without much technical knowledge. It is a great option to make an online branding, with smooth browsing and attractive graphics.
  57. Ecommerce Promotion App: One of the recommended app solutions for people involved in eCommerce business is an app that enables connectivity with the most successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, organizations over digital media. The e-commerce promotion apps similar to the Premios Nacionales eCommerce app are best in giving helpful tips & tricks for continuous business growth. 
  58. Toddlers Puzzle App: A beautiful mobile app idea is to develop an app for small kids which features puzzle games to help toddlers learn logic and develop motor skills. A toddler puzzle app is a suitable option for mothers to engage their kids in productive activities through a mobile app with a list of puzzle games and entertaining animations & sounds.
  59. Spot It App: There are particular types of people who love to visit, collect images, and always wish to rediscover those locations in the future to know the changes that occurred. One of its kind is the spot it app idea that enables guided tours to cities with images collected in the historical events. It can also provide offline maps for easy navigation.
  60. Get Fit App: The most frequent advice to lose weight is through dieting for some time. We start with excitement, but sooner, the motivation fades out. Having a get fit app on your mobile phone will remind you of the calorie intake, where all you have to do is enter the food item every time. The best part is you can click a picture and update it later, while it also remembers the history of things documented.
  61. Trains Spotting App: A robust app solution to serve the users is to build a system that provides live trains location. Most people travel through this public transport, and it is tedious to keep waiting for a train on the platform. Having a train spotting app on your mobile phone will help you re-plan your traveling schedule.
  62. Vehicle Maintenance Tracking App: Travelling in a personal four-wheeler or two-wheeler is comfortable, but maintaining it or getting it serviced on time is painstaking. Once you upload the vehicle’s details on the vehicle maintenance app, it will notify you about service dates. It can connect you with the service center for service appointments along with accessory shops details.
  63. Park Your Vehicle App: Finding a car parking space in the city area is difficult when you wish to hop into shopping stalls. A mobile application can help effectively by providing relevant information about the parking area in the close-by region.
  64. Pregnant Health Tip App: A unique mobile app can be created for all the women planning for a baby or who are currently pregnant. This app will collect the general health condition of the woman and provide all the necessary information regarding precautions and tips much needed while taking care of the mother & the baby in the womb.
  65. Donate Items App: There are times when we genuinely feel like donating some household items to NGOs or other centers, but it becomes hard to find the right place. This app can present features such as a list of verified NGOs, nursing homes, orphanages, etc., besides the option to connect with them through text, and even options like doorstep pickup.
  66. Go On A Vacation App: The most turned out app on mobile could be a vacation suggestion app that can help tourists decide their upcoming holiday destination. The app will provide seasonal tourist destination sites and other details about the interactive activities possible with potential budget expenditure.
  67. Tuition Teacher App: Some students from schools & colleges find it difficult to grab the lessons taught in a crowded class. These students always seek a genuine teacher who could help them in one on one study. The tuition teacher app will allow teachers to advertise their subject knowledge with a specific location. It will be easier for students to connect with them directly.
  68. Donate Food From Restaurants: Whether a big city or a small town, there is one common problem of dealing with excess food in restaurants each day. The restaurants are bound to stay ready with pre-cooked food to deliver the order in time, but unfortunately, there is always something left unconsumed. An app can connect these restaurants with concerned persons who can collect the food and deliver it to the poor locals.
  69. Maid Searching App: It is tough to find a housemaid who can do the entire household job, especially if you are new to the location. An online mobile solution can provide instant help by listing out the verified working maids in a particular area along with the services they provide. The users can download the app and hire a maid anytime.
  70. Pregnancy Shopping App: Women will appreciate such mobile apps since they love going shopping or prefer it online. A pregnancy shopping app will provide simple tips to pregnant women to purchase items they might need in the next few months, i.e., before & after giving birth to the baby. It can directly connect the app to the shopping sites to fetch the order.
  71. Event Management Tips: While self-organizing an event at your place, it might become a hectic situation to think and plan something new that catches the guests’ attention. Here you will get the best advice as per the event and area allocated. The decorative items, backdrop designs with sample format, and other purchasable items will be directly linked to the shopping sites.
  72. Count Your Carbon Footprint: A self-awareness app that explains global warming issues and individuals’ carbon footprint is highly recommended in the current scenario. The carbon footprint mobile app will contain a detailed review of daily activities and the amount of greenhouse gas it generates. The person can get aware of his carbon footprint and how it can be rectified.
  73. Vehicle Buy & Sell App: One may be living in any region, but it is pretty common to own a car or bike. After some time it becomes tiresome & boring to ride the exact vehicle, and that is when we wish to sell out the old one and buy a different variety. This is where sellers can advertise their car with details & pictures, and buyers can easily connect with them with direct offers.
  74. Job Search App: The job search app is one of the most critical mobile apps that quickly catch views and downloads. Job search is a continuous process since companies regularly fill vacancies and young adults graduate every year to find a perfect job. The companies put up the vacancies over popular job portals, and candidates apply to get hired.
  75. Product Comparison App: Before purchasing an electronic item for personal use or household, it is pretty common to search for a product review to ensure its working capacity. The product comparison app will collect detailed information about all the products in the market and arrange them categorically to form a comparison chart.
  76. Best Deal In Grocery: The application is for online shoppers, who can initially login to the best deal app that collects the offers on specific products over online shopping sites. The user can compare different prices and offers on groceries available on Amazon, Shopify, etc. It can be purchased straightaway through an instant link to the preferred site.
  77. Pest Control App: A mobile application is crucial for people seeking growth in the pest control business. The users who seek help to get rid of mosquitoes, lizards, etc., can install the app and get the appointment as per the needs and budget. This is where the owner can publish articles describing how they work, the machinery they use, and distinct categories of pest control activities they are involved in.
  78. Music Albums App: There is a vast majority of people who love listening to music, and there are some who are fans of preferred specific categories like jazz, pop, etc. The music album app can quickly get famous if it covers any popular variety and provides a long list of old and new songs that are easy to search for and get added to a selected playlist.
  79. Book Collection & Review: Reading books as a hobby is still seen in many people, and they love to find time & space for their favorite category of books. Here is an app suggestion that not just lists out the best-selling books in multiple categories, much like an online library, but will also avail an honest review of the book with reason to buy it.
  80. Marriage Partner App: It isn’t easy for some people to find a perfect mate as a life partner, as they are afraid to indulge with unknown persons. The marriage partner app can provide simultaneous login to both parties to check out multiple profiles and finalize a partner after satisfaction over the concerned parameters.
  81. Event Planning App: If you are indulged in event planning, or your work is to manage events & celebrations for official events and family ceremonies, you must opt to get a mobile application soon. You can upload the details of your work culture on the event planning app in the appropriate sequence where the potential customers can easily explore and book an appointment with your manager.
  82. Weather Alert App: A weather alert app is a practical mobile application for everyone, particularly those who travel a lot or dwell in sensitive regions. This app will fetch the actual information from the weather stations and alert you through notifications about the predicted situation in the local and connecting areas.
  83. Talk To Text App: Whether making notes in official work or being in a report writing work, it becomes difficult sometimes to type or write instantly. The talk to text app can help you successfully type down the text as you speak, and it can do the same in multiple languages.
  84. Pools Betting App: It is a notable fact that almost a quarter of the total World’s population is a big fan of betting. The figure is even higher when only coastal regions are undertaken. Following the new age trend, the gambling companies like popular Singapore Pools are also moving towards online betting, which is the best way to promote the game and make it more accessible.
  85. Personal Access App: Although it is a government contract app proposal, it creates a secure app for citizens to avail themselves of easy and fast online transactions over the concerned government agencies. Like the SingPass Mobile App, the personal access app will provide individual details and necessary information from government agencies.
  86. iOS & Android Feature Listing App: For every smartphone fanatic, the primary interests are to gather knowledge about the newly launched features, drawbacks, and future innovations. The mobile feature listing app will provide all the latest development in the mobile phone sector with brands & model comparisons and direct shopping links.
  87. Home Décor App: Not everyone knows interior design, and usually, people get stuck in selecting the right furniture or curtain for their homes & offices. The home decoration app can provide multiple space designs with reasonable suggestions to apply. The user can also purchase selected items from the picture or even connect to an interior designer.
  88. Song Lyrics App: Everybody has some singing talent, and we all love humming our favorite songs. Whether in solitude or on stage to sing a song, it is necessary to have the correct lyrics in hand. The song lovers can find almost all the lyrics authentically from multiple languages and genres, and one can even listen to the song anytime.
  89. Inspirational Quotes App: While in our bad times or willing to reach the set target, the best motivations we receive are through the inspirational quotes of achievers in history. This app will provide the most inspiring quotes & dialogues as a morning notification shared on social platforms.
  90. College Listing App: Every year during college admissions, the young pass-outs eagerly search for the top colleges in different education trades. This is the best mobile app idea to help such students find the education centers as per their requirements. It will provide colleges’ updated & authentic details in categories like location, specialties, facilities, admission, and other information.
  91. Recipe Making App: Cooking is an art, and though how easy it looks while enjoying the food, but it requires a perfect recipe format. The recipe-making app will attract all the food makers who love to learn how to make different cuisines. The app will cover recipes from multiple regions with special tips and shopping zones for unique food products.
  92. Click & Edit App: With a smartphone in your pocket, it is easy to click a picture anytime you want, no matter if the background or your looks demand a makeover. Using the click & edit app, you can take a picture without worrying and edit the scene or improvise your gesture to perfection, instantly or later.
  93. Learn Gardening App: Gardening is not just a hobby of old age people, as it can also be perceived as natural decoration to your home outdoors. The gardening app will teach you from basics to advanced gardening knowledge as you need to learn, which includes a brief study about the plants, seeds, ground conditions, watering tips, and much more.
  94. Buy Plants & Seeds: A singular app is always necessary for buying plants & seeds. The application is dedicated specifically towards plantations of fruits, vegetables, or flowers. It will let you buy the seeds or plants from the best sources and provide complete information about the food or flower regarding its qualities.
  95. Who Discovered What: Another intriguing mobile app idea is to create a definitive list of items and who discovered them. The application is highly recommended to increase students’ general knowledge and get inspired by reading a brief story of the discoverer and how he struggled to get the outcome.
  96. Celebrities App: The application is mainly for worldwide fans who love to know and follow their role models. The Celebrities app will provide exciting news stories and gossips about famous persons from films and sports. The users can easily find out the collection of stories about historical events in cinemas and sports.
  97. Medicine Reminder App: We usually get worried about our parents taking the medicines in time or casually forgetting to have them. The medicine reminder app is a boon to all thoseunable to remember when to get the drug. The user only has to enter the details once on the application, and the app will keep giving notifications until the user clicks the yes button on the app.
  98. Rent A Bicycle App: Using public transport for traveling becomes troublesome when the busses are overcrowded, and the roads are too busy. Renting a bicycle business is gaining a lot of attention among youths & olds who prefer a cycle ride. The mobile app will help locate the nearest cycle stand from where the user can rent it.
  99. Tiffin Food App: It becomes pretty challenging to get home-cooked food for all those living alone or staying in PGs. One cannot visit restaurants every day for a three-course meal, and since cooking is not an easy task, people prefer to opt for homely cooked Tiffin service. The Tiffin food app will help the user order food in the set location from the given menu items and pay the bill online.
  100. Investment Advice App: Money investment has multiple factors that every earner should know before investing. The investment advice app will impart accurate knowledge about bank savings, share market, property, or gold investment. After judging a person’s requirement, it will provide the best possible advice to achieve the estimated goal of saving in a set duration.
  101. Task Scheduler App: This mobile app idea is for those who follow a multi-tasking approach daily but find it hard to remember the work due to busy schedules. You can use the task scheduler app as a digital diary to note down the tasks with due time and date and set it to remind you of it on a preset duration.



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