The Year 2015 has definitely been a remarkable year for Apple. It has managed to supersede Windows sale over the last year. The number of iOS devices sold last year is much greater than all Windows devices combined.

While there is a decline in sales of Windows product, Apple managed to grow steadily over the years. Failure of Windows phone and a dropdown in the sale of PCs are most likely to be the reasons of sink in the overall revenue. Apple, on the other hand, managed to maintain and expand sales of Mac despite declining market.  There is a record fall in the sales of PCs by 10-12% while the sales of Mac have increased by 2% (nearly) from the second quarter of 2014 to 2015.

mac sales up 161 percent in june quarter

Reference for the above stats:

Apple shipped 300 million iOS devices in 2015

Image courtesy: asymco

As you can calculate from the graph, Apple shipped more than 300 million iOS devices in 2015. However, there were only 275 million devices based on Windows that were shipped in 2015.

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