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In the recent past, all types of mobile apps and other applications have stormed into the market, providing advanced features and ample convenience to users all over the world. Various surveys have stated that most people get influenced to use a product or service with a known’s reference. Social media is considered one of the best platforms for such influential app marketing strategies, after word-of-mouth publicity, of course.

If you wish to grow your customer base at a rapid pace, you need to add value to your product. Your task does not end at making the potential customer download your app. Instead, the actual work starts only after that. The application you have made must offer value to the users, and it should have various interactive features to engage them as soon as they start using it.

Once the users are satisfied with the app and share it with others, the circle is complete, and the app user base would start expanding. We have jotted down some points to assist you with making your app go viral. Have a look!

10 Remarkable Marketing Strategies to Make an App Go Viral

1. Content Marketing

Content plays a significant role in the success of any product or organization in the online world. The same applies to your application as well. Generate interactive and descriptive content on various websites having a high domain authority, along with your app and social media platforms. There is no need to think out of the box for content ideas; the people are interested in something that benefits them and fulfill their requirements in an easy and efficient manner.

For instance, if you have built a travel and hotel booking app, you can share your data through topics like ‘Best Places to Visit This Summer’, ‘Cheapest Luxury Hotels to make your Holiday Memorable’, etc. Similarly, if you own a food-specific application, you can share the information on ‘What are the Best Places to Visit in Town for Dinner’, ‘10 Best Homemade Recipes for a Healthy Breakfast’, etc.

Sharing about such topics on various blogs, websites, and social media will undoubtedly enhance your user base, providing a boost to your app downloads and use.

2. Social Media Sharing

Social media has become the most fast-paced advertising stage for all types of businesses. You can not only share the details of your product with the users here, but you can also generate heavy traffic on your app through various social media platforms. Once the user starts using your app, he/she should get in-app social sharing feature to get an ability to share the progress, information, and any other stuff they want with their friends.

Moreover, if you have built an app, such as a gaming application or something where people can follow each other, which can have a connection among the users, you can empower it with Facebook Login. The social media login or sign up component will allow the social media friends/followers to automatically get connected to each other in the new app as well.

For example, in a multi-player gaming application, it can be quite hectic to add your friends one by one in order to play with them. Login with social media brings all your FB friends along for added convenience.

Where the in-app sharing will allow more and more people to get to know your application, the social media login feature will provide you with an added advantage of more friends connecting through it, in turn increasing your customer base.

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3. Earn Customer Trust through Reviews and Feedback

We start trusting a product when we feel safe and secure using it. Bringing a sense of satisfaction and understanding the need of the users is exceptionally vital for the success of any product or service. The process of gaining the trust of your customers involves asking them to suggest improvements and provide their valuable feedback on the services on offer.

Try and get the maximum number of positive reviews for your app, without interrupting the users repeatedly by asking for the rating and review. You also need to keep in mind that you should approach the customers with a personalized message after they use the application for a while. Also, try to filter out the people, based on their usage of the app, before sending the review request so that the chances of receiving a positive review are bright.

In the end, word-of-mouth publicity or online reviews indeed provide ample support in the growth of your product.

4. Reward your Customers

Being new customers, people expect a lot from a product. If, along with the unmatched experience, one gets additional benefits, it proves to be an icing on the cake. In addition to the usage benefits, referrals are considered the most appropriate form of app marketing and can increase your app users pretty fast.

A lot of surveys have taken place in different countries regarding the influence of friends and family in the brand recommendation. As per  Nielsen’s 2015 report, close to 83% of people across the globe trust their friends and family before anyone else to select the brands or products. It implies that you can enhance your customer base by providing rewards and referral benefits.

Moreover, the referral schemes do not have a drawback on your business as the customers are bound to continue availing your services if you are offering what they desire. Uber is the correct example of referral and reward benefits. It offers joining and referral advantages to its users, which has contributed to make it the number 1 taxi services app in the world.

5. Push Notifications

Keeping your users engaged at regular intervals is necessary for the growth of an app, and there is no better way than push notifications to cater to this need. It has been found by  RubyGarage that push notifications enhance the app engagement by 88% and increase user retention by about three times. However, push notifications can sometimes prove to be irritating for some customers, so you must focus on a few points regarding sending a push notification.

You need to customize the timing for sending the push notification in order to align it with your user’s schedule so that it can generate maximum returns. For instance, you can send a reminder notification to your customer for completing the checkout process by buying the stuff present in the cart in his/her free time, i.e., when the user generally browses on the app for shopping. Similarly, you can send a game-related push notification to the users before they generally start the games.

Be creative and use attractive images in the notifications because you need the person at the receiving end to use your app.

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6. Create a Hype

Just spending money on advertising and marketing for your app would not bring as many users. Instead, you can try creating a hype of your product by sharing its prime and unique features, which can benefit the users, with potential customers through various platforms, like social media and email. You can also make small videos to make the process convenient for the users.

At the same time, you must keep in mind that the hype should be created even before the launch of the app. If you do extensive marketing of your product, people would be waiting for it to launch. Therefore, as soon as the app hits the market, there will be a lot many downloads as compared to a standard launch.

If the users download the app soon after its launch, then your efforts have worked, and the aim to bring users to your application has become successful. But, you also need to make sure that your app is prepared for catering to the needs of the users. Because if the product fails to perform as expected, it can get negative reviews, which can hamper the image of the app, and it might never come up in the ranks again.

7. Quality over Quantity

You must have heard several times that one must prefer quality over quantity; this theory also applies in the online world. Your aim should not be to have more number of downloads, whether they are spending much time on your app or not. Instead, your users must be well aware of the services your product provides and use the application often.

It can be done by understanding the requirements of your customers. A friendly message or personalized email in a while can lighten up the mood of the app users, which might turn the fortunes of your product. You can also explain the reasons for the things you do to enhance the security of user data. Once your customers start believing in you and your product, they get a feeling to be a part of the community.

1000 regular users are much better than 5000 downloads, who do not use the app.

8. Be Present Socially

Initially, it is difficult for people to trust the authenticity of a new product in the market, but if you want your business to grow, there is a need to generate trust among your customers. At the start, you can simply mention the names and designations of your core team, along with their LinkedIn accounts. It will authorize that the product is reliable, and the users can afford to share their data.

Secondly, when someone signs up with their social media log in, you can show the list of their friends already using the app. Also, provide the users with a sharing option at regular intervals so that they can interact with more of their social media connections in the app. Moreover, make people aware of your app’s popularity if it has been featured somewhere or received an award.

Social presence on different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram also enhances the chances of your app reaching more individuals.

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9. Add Gaming Effects

An interactive app is a must for having a long-term user base, and adding gaming effects to your application inhibits a special connect with the users. The presence of gaming effects not only keeps the users glued to the app, but it also brings a feeling of motivation and excitement among them. A sense of competition is bound to make the users obsessed and results in increasing the retention rate. However, gamification is not meant for all types of applications.

10. Make a Flawless Product to Avoid Complaints

You must take note before creating an app that it should be unique in its own way and have a wow factor. With the availability of millions of applications across platforms, your ride can be a bit bumpy as the competition is quite tough. But if you are up to the mark in your approach and execution, things are bound to happen in your favor.

Put in all the hard work and try to think from a user’s perspective in order to eliminate all the possible flaws before the launch of your product so that the end-product does not lag in any area.

Give a Flight to your App

Among the variety of applications available in the market, regular updates and feedbacks would determine what needs to be done for further improving the performance and downloads of your app. Also, the day of launching your app plays a significant role in its initial growth. Tuesday is mostly recommended for such launches as you have enough time ahead in the week to get your app on track by the weekend.

If you understand your client base and work on all the aspects mentioned above, you might never have to doubt again about how to make an app go viral. We hope these points would help your app business grow fast. If you are looking to get a  mobile app developed and wish that it should reach the maximum users within a short period, you can  reach out to us and inquire about the products and services.

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