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The importance of mobile apps has become all the more evident during the pandemic. From shopping to banking, we feel the need for a mobile app for everything. A mobile banking app is loaded with several features to ease the customers’ experience. While the functionality varies from one bank to another, banking apps have redefined what a bank is and its offers.

Here, we’ll talk about the Citi mobile app, its features, and how it performs compared to other banking apps.


Like any other banking application for mobiles, CitiBank also offers its customers all the essential features through the app. From making payments to managing money transfers and accounts, you can do it all on the app.

Let’s discuss a few fantastic features that CitiBank online banking customers enjoy.

1. Secured Login

Customer security is of foremost priority when it comes to online banking. CitiBank mobile app allows you to log into your account using fingerprint, face ID or username, and password. Need more security while logging in? You can go to the ‘Profile’ section and activate a two-step authentication process using a PIN.

Citi mobile app allows you to monitor your account balance by setting alerts in advance to keep your account safe from cyber theft and hacking. If the account balance exceeds a certain amount or you have a due payment, the app will notify you to take immediate action.

You can use the Citi Quick Lock feature in any adverse scenario. It allows you to lock a stolen CitiBank credit card to stop its misuse and secure your funds. When you activate the lock, it will block all new payments and cash advances. It doesn’t affect your recurring payments, so you can rest assured about any of your EMIs being paid from the CitiBank credit card.

2. Access and Monitor your Credit Score

Your FICO score is just a tap away on a CitiBank mobile app if you use a shortcut on the screen that displays your credit card transaction. Alternatively, go to the ‘services’ tab, and you can check your credit score. Further, it is also possible to monitor your FICO score and see a breakdown of key factors that affect it.

3. Rewards and Redemptions

Citi premier customers earn Thankyou points for using their credit card. If you want to check your rewards balance, you need to click on the CitiBank card in the mobile app. You can also check the redemptions and transactions history by clicking on the reward points. You can check the entire record on the CitiBank mobile app.

4. Plan Payments

Paying your bills was never this easy. With the Citi mobile app, you need to tap on scheduled payments. For more convenient digital payment options, you can add the CitiBank credit card to any of the digital wallets like Apple Wallet or PayPal and make seamless payments without the need for a physical credit card.

5. In-app Customer Service

CitiBank customer service is always at your disposal. In case of any trouble, you can instantly message the customer service from the mobile app. It helps you resolve the issues or directly connects you to a customer service executive if you need to talk to an agent. The app also has the customer service number for those who prefer calling the help center instead of messaging.

6. Features that save your time

One of the primary purposes of any mobile app is to save users time. CitiBank mobile app is loaded with such exceptional features saving you from the hassles of CitiBank online banking.

Citi Mobile Snapshot: It allows you to view your account balance and recent transactions at a glance for up to 45 days without having to log in every time. You need to sign in to the app and activate the ‘Citi Mobile Snapshot’ feature from the profile section.

Add and Manage Authorized Users: Adding or removing anyone as an authorized user on your Citi credit card is easy. You need to go to the ‘Card Services’ section under ‘Services’ and add the authorized user who will be allowed to your credit card.

Smart Shortcuts: All the popular features are available on the app and are just a tap away. Smart Shortcuts are displayed at the bottom of your main account page, making it easy for you to manage your accounts quickly.

Increase Credit Limit Request: Requesting a higher credit limit is simple with CitiBank credit cards. You don’t need to call customer service every time. Just go to the ‘Services’ tab, find ‘Credit Card Services’, and tap on ‘Request a credit limit increase’. Once confirmed, your request will be processed by the bank.

Manage Payments: You can fund your registered wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, etc. and pay bills, and recharge your mobile number and DTH from the app.

Connect with Customer Service: The app also allows select CitiGold and CPC customers to connect with their relationship managers and other experts using Hello.

Drawbacks of CitiBankMobile App

While the CitiBank mobile app offers you several exceptional features, there are a few shortcomings reported by the users.

1. The transactions made by you are not always appropriately categorized, and therefore you could face some confusion concerning the available categories. Having more categories in the app might resolve this issue.

2. The limited-time offers released by CitiBank for app users are not easy to find. Users need to dig deep into the app to find merchant offers. With lesser time at hand, this can be a turn-off for customers while making a purchase.

Desktop Vs. Mobile: Which is better?

CitiBank customers can enjoy the benefits of online banking both on the app and desktop. While most of the features are the same, there’s some difference in accessing them on two different platforms. With the increasing use of mobile apps these days, users prefer to use the CitiBank Mobile App to make payments and monitor transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions: CitiBank Mobile App

1. Is using the CitiBank app secure?

All customer information is 128-bit SSL encrypted on the app. Only users are allowed to access their accounts by entering the user ID and PIN. In case of unsuccessful PIN entry, the bank will automatically lock your profile on the app to avoid any security threats. OTP authentication is also done on the first login to enhance security.

2. What happens when I change my mobile phone?

When you change your phone, you will have to download the app again and log in. The app will authenticate you using OTP.

3. Do I lose any information when I misplace my phone?

As the CitiBank mobile app does not store any information on the phone, you should not worry about losing the data. It is recommended that you log in and reset your PIN once you install the app on the new device.



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