SingPass Mobile App: A Quick User Guide

30th June 2021

Singapore Personal Access or SingPass, an app developed by the Government Technology Agency, allows citizens to transact easily and securely online with over 60 government agencies. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei operating systems. It can be used as an alternative Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method to access digital services using your fingerprint, […]

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12 Ways to Safeguard Mobile Apps from Menacing Cyber Attacks

11th January 2021

Thanks to the technological evolution, the number of smartphone users is thriving at an accelerating pace.  By the end of this year, their number will reach 3.2 billion, and the same is expected to cross the mark of 3.8 billion worldwide by the year 2021, as per the  Statista report.   On average, a regular […]

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How AI and VI are Reinventing Mobile App Development?

04th January 2021

The smartphone users have grown at a rapid pace in the last decade, which has pushed business owners to shift their focus from websites to mobile apps. Statistics suggest that mobile app market will start generating revenue of around 189 billion US Dollars by the year 2020. To offer more to this ever growing market, […]

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15 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019-20

02nd January 2021

Over the past few years, a paradigm shift has been witnessed in the mobile application development as more and more businesses are now emphasizing on having a mobile app along with a website. This is due to the fact that most of the customers use their mobile devices for performing maximum tasks. In such a […]

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What are the Benefits of Internet of Things?

07th December 2020

Internet of Things or IoT is the interrelated system of physical computing devices which can be accessed via the Internet. The ‘things’ in IoT can be referred to any object, machine or a person who is able to transfer and collect the data without any external support or management. This latest technology is an advancement […]

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How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

02nd December 2020

There are many websites over the Internet that provide database apps for Windows phone, Android, iPhone and other popular platforms. The users can browse the sites for free mobile apps download and install them on their device to use them at any location, anytime. There are many features in these software that help the people’s […]

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Upgrade Your iPhone with the Enthralling Features of Apple’s iOS 9.3

29th January 2016

Last week, Apple came up with the latest iOS version, i.e., 9.3. There are numerous intriguing features that are added to this version. Users can now use night shift mode, which changes the color temperature of the display at night. Synchronization with the time and location helps decide whether the night mode is required or […]

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All iPhone 7 Predictions and Rumors

25th January 2016

With the release of iPhone 6s and 6s plus there are rumors of what iPhone 7 be like. There are speculations that apple is finalizing the iPhone 7 specifications and design. It is said that the new version will have some major changes with thickness sliced. Let’s have look at all new rumors about iPhone […]

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Apple HealthKit: 5 IOS wearables for sporty types

10th July 2014

Without any doubt, the varied numbers of health and wearable devices are bringing an optimistic change in sports. So, here is a list of five iOS wearables to indicate the significance of Apple’s HealthKit in the near future. iPunch Combat Gloves This all new Indiegogo project, referred to as iPunch, are a set of boxing gloves […]

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Agile Methodology

10th July 2014

Agile methodologies are usually employed in software development to assist varied businesses react to unpredictability. It is all about how to work together and manage different projects effortlessly in order to accomplish a common goal.  Not only for software development, it is also suitable for QA Engineers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Product Managers, UX Designers, Testers, […]

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