Without any doubt, the varied numbers of health and wearable devices are bringing an optimistic change in sports. So, here is a list of five iOS wearables to indicate the significance of Apple’s HealthKit in the near future.

    1. iPunch Combat Gloves

This all new Indiegogo project, referred to as iPunch, are a set of boxing gloves with loaded in-built sensors. These gloves work with any Android or iOS device, which, in turn, keeps a check on the speed, fighting style and strength. This app then responds to the boxers by giving them assorted information, helping them to improve their fighting skill. Yet another implication of these gloves is that there are also different games that are built-up around the gloves.

    1. Raw Potential

How will you react if you actually come across an app that uses your smartphone to keep a watch on you when you’re burning weights and simultaneously offers you instant feedback? It may sound strange, but it is true! This Raw Potential app is equivalent to a personal trainer, which suggests you on different body postures during your workout, helping you to complete your exercises more efficiently and in a safe manner. To add up, it also compares your technique or performance to its built-in “fitness avatar.” It is, no doubt, a great app for perfectly fit people. This app will prove out to be one of the best fitness apps in the near future if certain options are added in the app to alter the pre-programmed built-in pattern in order to take into account the existing physical weaknesses, such as bad backs, legs, and many more, in an individual to assist in finding the related exercise forms.

    1. Reebok Checklight

Have you ever bought some lives? Here’s the solution where you can save some lives. This Reebok Checklight works as an indicator, which is designed to capture various head impacts occurred during play time while being almost invisible to the athletes. Now this is something witty as some types of sports are not even attentive of when they might had a gigantic smash to the cranium and are not able to react or take any action almost immediately.

    1. Athos Smart Shirts and Shorts

In today’s world, wearable technology is no more confined to those identical watches having enormous old-fashioned features. Athos is advancing its technologies to create various different sports clothes in the near future. At present, the Athos shirts are available to us that clutch around 16 sensors in it to measure definite muscles effort, breathing and heart rates. Of course, you may wash it and even connect it with your iPhone to obtain the absolute breakdown of your exercises, which includes a detailed examination of how hard you had carried out your work-out.

  1. Catapult

Now here’s another widely used cool Catapult which adds altogether a number of sensors to supervise and keep a check of the movement, fitness and a lot more of an athlete. This app also provides an additional feature where you can even group the data of a team to observe that who is getting tired or when they are performing their best.

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