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The world of mobile app development and software development has seen many technological advancements in the past few years. Agile methodology is one of those technologies that has marked its presence in the world of software and app building. Agile means, to be able to move quickly and easily. As the meaning suggests, it is a fast way to build a mobile app or software as compared to the traditional ‘waterfall’ method.

Building a mobile app is a complex task, as there is a need of looking after a lot of aspects like the size of devices, memory, smooth running, etc. The agile methodology provides a platform to build the application in short cycles and makes it very easy to keep a check on all the variables in the development of the app.

Agile methodology divides the development phase into many small parts and the testing of these parts can be done individually. It is better than waterfall methodology for mobile app development, as it does not require any predefined testing and documentation and the app can be tested at every step. Below, we have discussed the types and advantages of agile methodology in detail –

Types of Agile Methodology

1. Scrum Alliance

When the development part is broken into several parts, each portion is known as a Scrum. Different people are given the responsibility of each Scrum so that the work can be done in an efficient manner and the overall targets can be achieved.

2. Lean Development

Lean development does not apply to software or mobile app building. It is used as sticking out notes to make the people know about the next work to do.

Advantages of Agile Methodology

1. Improves Reliability

Smartphone users do not like if an app crashes while using, or when it is slow to load. Even if the app is offering the desired content, they will remove it if it is not working properly. Agile tests the app at every step, making it more reliable as compared to other apps. The quality and reliability are assured after testing the app through multiple phases.

2. Involvement of Users

The best part of agile development is that the users are always involved in the testing part. A set of selected users can download and install the app during the testing phase itself before it is available for the end users. Also, these users are provided with regular updates once they provide the feedback. Customers can see the changes happening in the form of new updates. This makes the system transparent and the resulting app is good to use, as it is tried and tested various times at developing end as well as at customers’ end.

3. Costing and Schedule

Unlike the other mobile app development method, there is a rough idea about the costing in each phase of development in agile. As the app is built in various phases, the approximate time required to complete the project is also known. The schedule helps the client to get an idea about the delivery date. After getting to know the individual costing of features, the client can prioritize his/her requirements based on the budget.

4. High-quality Apps

Agile methodology supports intensive testing in the development phase, as the development is divided into many parts. It supports in maintaining a good quality of the app, as each developer is responsible for his/her portion of work. Each and every division is tested thoroughly and individually in order to avoid bugs in the app, making it a high-quality product.

5. Fast Updates and Reduced Delivery Time

The updating part is convenient for both the users as well as the developers. If a change is to be made, it can be done easily. This results in the customers getting fast and frequent updates, eliminating bugs. The same also applies to the creation of the app, the work of a few months can be done within weeks. As compare to other methods, agile methodology reduces the delivery time of the product by a good margin.


With a rising number of smartphone users across the globe, the requirement of mobile apps is also increasing at a rapid pace. Everyone looks for an application that is fast, responsive and user-friendly. Agile methodology is a great process to build a mobile app in a fast and useful manner. Also, the app is expected to be better than the ones built using the waterfall method. If you are thinking to create a mobile app using the agile methodology, you can hire a mobile app development firm and get the desired results. A professional understands what the users want and delivers it with great efficiency.

We have mentioned the advantages of using Agile methodology which can prove to be very helpful for the easy creation and functioning of the app. The benefits of this method indicate that it is certainly better than the other app creating methods in many ways. We hope this information was helpful for you. If you have any queries related to the topic, please write to us. Also, provide us with your valuable feedback on the subject. Cheers!



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