The smartphone is something that has truly changed the whole lifestyle of the human race. It is the door to unlimited possibilities, especially when it is connected to the rest of the world via the Internet. Secondly, they have bestowed us with the applications that have restructured the ways of our living. With the help of these smart apps, we are able to buy food, cloth, and even shelter by staying at home. Furthermore, the applications have made it easier to overcome the strangeness of the people, who are new in a city or a country.

This article lists some of the most useful and finest iOS mobile apps built for the residents of Singapore. Do use these apps and feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.


If you feel like buying a house of your own or simply tired of renting an apartment, you can simply download To find the most suitable real estate firms in Singapore, can be the right place, as it has ample of options to choose from.

2. Qanvast

A hub for interior designers, which enables you to choose the finest of professionals in the field, and helps you in designing the house of your dreams. You can either select from the wide range of designs displayed on the app or can simply contact the designer, who will further initiate the process.

3. Carousell

Dealing in all the categories from gadgets to automobiles, and from fashion to furniture, you can sell or buy anything you want using this app. It has all the items you are looking for, plus if you have too much stuff eating your space, then you can even sell it via Carousell. As the people of Singapore are trustworthy and kind, using this smart app is quite a secure option. You get to chat with the real person, who might be interested in selling or buying your product or article.

4. GoGoVan

When you wish to buy items like tables, couches, etc., GoGoVan app comes handy. To bring home all the heavy stuff, you can just request the truck driver with the specific time and date, who will do the rest for you. You just need to figure out the nominal cost of such services, as they can charge extra for the movers and the trolleys. Your item is going to be safely delivered to your doorsteps within a week or so. If you’re lucky, you will be able to book a truck even on the same day you purchased your stuff.

5. RedMart

Are you too lazy to get out of the bed and walk down to the market to buy some grocery for you? Probability says, yes. So, it’s better to download RedMart app and order all the necessary items to survive the natural calls, like hunger and thirst. You will be pleased with the services, as well as find that there are offers that enable you to save money on each buy you make from the app. It’s just that you need to make the orders max to max by evening and on weekdays, so that there are no delays.

6. FoodPanda

It doesn’t matter how FoodPanda serves in rest of the countries or territories, but it is true that its services are undoubtedly commendable in Singapore. A great app for the food junkies with a quick delivery response and user-friendly interface.

7. McDelivery

McDonald is world’s most popular hamburger and fast food chain, and has the biggest delivery fleet in the Lion City. With a user-friendly interface and the amazing offerings of the McDonald, this app is quite a hit, but the delivery time is not specific due to the heavy traffic conditions.

8. Hawker

Street food is something that people from every demographic in the world are quite fond of, and Singapore is no exception. This app helps you to order food from the nearest hawker centers. Depending on the tastes and preferences, people can certainly make a healthy diet blending the use of the two major apps- FoodPanda and Hawker.

9. Google Maps

As you might have experienced it by yourself that Google Maps is just the best, as no matter where you go, they will help you reach your destination. Besides, there are also apps like and GoThere, which can be kept as a backup option, if by any chance, Google Maps is unable to deliver you the expected results. But the way Google works, it is faster, always updated, and easy to use. Although Apple Maps have gotten better with time as it integrates third party data, which results in a better user experience. Moreover, Singapore has a bad GPS and most of the time; it is difficult to find the exact location.

10. Uber

Those people, who love to travel but hate driving from home to office and back in traffic conditions, can enjoy the luxury of Uber as it is cost-effective and highly convenient. The only thing to remember is the pick up location which makes it easy for the drivers to locate the destination, as they are prone to get lost or pretend to be unaware at times. Furthermore, as you already know that the GPS services are a bit secondary, Uber also faces relevant issues. On the other hand, NETS wallet will no longer bother you, but the new drivers will surely give you a flimsy ride.

11. Pocket Malls Singapore

Singapore, with its classic mall culture, allows you to purchase all the goods that you are looking for, at a single place- the mall. But due to the location of the malls such as the Ion Mall, which is very complex to navigate, Pocket Malls Singapore is built to help you. It quickly finds the places and stores you are looking for, and thus, is a very useful app as it saves a lot of time.

12. iChangi

For the people who just entered the city with zero knowledge about the places to visit, hotels to book and food to eat, this app is very useful. It has all the necessary details you need to fetch about the shops, facilities or services, restaurants, etc. It also gives you the schedule or estimated time of the flights and their numbers.

13. Global Air Quality & myENV

This app is designed to display the real-time air quality indices. The app tells you that going outside can be harmful to your health, i.e., if the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) crosses the 100 bar, you can fall sick. Global Air Quality shows the overall PSI breakdown along with other harmful chemicals mixed in the air. Besides, it also compares the city with other nations. In the haze month, Singapore ranks #1.

The myENV is an overall health inspector that gives its views on the city’s environmental conditions in all the aspects, like food quality, beach water quality, haze, etc. Furthermore, you will also find a map that bestows the hawker centers, which helps you find cheap food.

14. SG Now

All you want to know about the culture, traditions, and different colors of Singapore is available on SG Now. It gives you information about the nearest exhibitions, concerts, movie theaters, etc. It is the best way to plan your tour and visit the most happening places of the city.


It is more casual than SG Now, as it gives you the idea of all the cool places to hangout. You can find all the talented population of the city, from yoga gurus, people speaking Mandarin, to expert ping pong players, etc. It is quite old in the system, which means, it has the resources to help you make your day worthwhile.

16. Yelp, Burpple, & Foursquare

All the three listed above are the guides to good food corners. Yelp has a great set of reviews, while Foursquare offers a better location data. Although, new food hubs cannot be experienced on the basis of their reviews, so, it’s better to opt the ones that are suggested in the curated lists or recommended by magazines and blogs. Hence, Burpple comes into play, as it has the finest list of the food outlets with great deals and trustworthy reviews.

17. HungryGoWhere & Chope

Singapore is not a very big city. Almost every night, all the restaurants get full; therefore, don’t expect to find a free table at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, there are no such iOS apps that can help you get an open table any time you want. Hence, you need to use these two apps to book a table for you. From a wide range of restaurants, you can choose the destination of your night meal. Chope has fewer options in comparison to HungryGoWhere. Besides booking online, do remember to do the same on the telephone.

18. Happy Go Wild

The name is surely taken from the one we were discussing above, the HungryGoWhere app. However, the app is designed for the people who love to share some drinks with their friends, as they can find a good spot to booze with a happy hour tag. The most intriguing part about the app is that it also shows the countdown for the happy hour, which is truly cherished by the happy drinking people.

19. Sgag

Yeah, the name is a wordplay of 9gag, which is one of the most popular sites in the world. So, you can imagine how Singaporeans have re-forged the idea into their own culture and have created a crazy app for their own laughter and happiness. It is the best time-pass for the residents of Singapore.

20. HoSay

If you feel awkward hanging out amid the local residents of the Singapore due to the language barrier, feel free to download the HoSay app. This app provides you with a wide range of popular and repetitive Singaporean Slangs. With the help of this app, you might not be able to master the language initially, but it will surely assist you with proper pronunciation and smooth communication.

21. DocDoc

It is the only app that has the information of all the doctors available in Singapore. You must not count on getting an appointment online; instead, you can book an appointment over the phone like old times. This app is essential for the people who are new to the city and find it difficult to adjust to the changing climate.

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