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Do you want the traffic coming to your site to convert into your customers? There are many ways by which you can increase the sales and stand out among the thousands of competitors. Here, we have listed 15 strategies to boost your online sales. Choose the strategy that works the best for you.

1. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing means following the ‘push’ strategy. Unlike traditional ways of marketing where contents or products were forced onto the uninterested customers, provide the product information only to the relevant customers or the people who are interested in buying. This will lessen not only the client acquisition cost but also the marketing costs.

2. Customer Reviews

This is the most important way to increase sales. There may be many sellers on your website selling fake products. This will make a negative impact on your sales as well as website. Check the reviews of loyal customers time to time as it will enhance credibility. They may suggest something good and beneficial or may report such fake sellers.

3. Offer Different Payment Options

It is not necessary that if one shipping option suits to one person, it will suit everybody. Provide as many different payment choices as possible so that customers can choose the best suitable option for them. Also, security is another necessity. So, whatever payment option you include, make it secure using encryption and various security techniques.

4. Use Photos and Videos

Use as many photos as possible for displaying a product in order to increase click-through. Take pictures from different sides and angles so that customers can have an accurate idea of the product. If possible, provide a video displaying the product.

5. Diversify

Diversify the range of goods and commodities that you sell. Tie up with the sellers who offer a wide range of things. But, at the same time, be aware of the fake sellers as they can bring your overall sales down.

6. Offer Free Shipping

This is one of the best strategies to increase the sales. If you offer free shipping at a certain minimum amount, people will try to fulfill the required criteria in order to get free delivery and will purchase more. But, be careful in determining the lowest amount for free delivery, as the higher amount will let people search for other websites and will divert the traffic. Also, keep the shipping rates as low as possible.

7. Clever Pricing

Not every customer buys in same price range. To attract every type of customer, it is very important to include products ranging from low end to high end. Make sure that the prices of the products on your site are lower or if not low, same as on other sites. If you have products with unnecessarily high cost, no one will purchase it.

8. Give Out Free Samples

Provide free samples for some of your products, such as books. Let the user access one or two chapters of the book for free. This will develop an interest in reading the whole book and will entice the user to purchase it. You can also give free samples on the purchase of other things of the same brand or whatever suits your business.

9. Focus on Quality

For an online shopping site, it is very important to maintain the quality of the products. If a client gets a low-quality product delivered to his/her doorsteps, he will not be interested in buying again from your website.

10. Keep a Check on Buffering Time

Slow loading sites discourage users from purchasing anything. You may loose many customers if your page doesn’t load quickly. Optimize every possible thing and make sure that every tab and link is working well.

11. Fast Delivery

Include some options such as guaranteed one day delivery in your delivery option. Try to provide timely delivery even if the user does not opt for the fast delivery.

12. Advertise

Believe it or not, but advertising is the best way to sell your products. Do not hype anything and do not give your whole contract to a single firm. Advertise only the benefits and qualities of your products. Choose the best suitable option, be it print or visual.

13. Invest in SEO

You should invest some of the amount in SEOs. It will help improve the ranking of your site and make it appear on the first page of the search results. In the short-term, it will not provide better results, but is helpful in the long-run.

14. Post-Shipping Services

This is also very important part that you must check, if you own any shopping site. This is a segment where most businesses fail. Develop a sound customer care and support team and provide services such as replacement and return of a product.

15. Other Services

Make sure that your payment process is quick. If the last step, i.e., payment does not go through for some reason, users will leave the site without completing their purchase even if they have filled their shopping cart.

Also, make sure that your homepage has different range of products from different sections. Highlight the most popular items and the products with heavy discount.




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