• Platforms: Android & iOS
  • Team Members: 15
  • Project Timeline: 25 weeks
  • App Category: Wellness & Fitness

About the App

A new dimension in workout tracking!

Forget about images and videos on screens. We bring you 3D animations into your real-world environment above your screen! Have an iPhone? Let's get started! With an Apple Watch it's even better.

We are happy to be the first Fitness app that presents the technology of Augmented Reality.

Get the most out of your training with Gymaholic. The app for Apple Watch gives you freedom to track your workout without your iPhone, in a way that no other app does. And the iPhone app is the best tool that helps you keep on track. Both can walk you through your training effortlessly. It doesn't matter if you work out in a gym or at home.

Language - English, German, or Hungarian. We provide watch app settings and help on iPhone. Workouts, exercises- 203 exercises in the app with 3D-animations and descriptions.

Check your workouts, exercises and exercise details on the watch. Check completed and partly completed exercises under the tracker, in the list. Instant workouts: 3 alternating training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced users, created by 2014 WBPF EU Solo champion. More workouts and exercises are available to purchase in the Shop. You are free to create workouts and exercies.


Know more about the app and how it can serve you better

  • Exercise Anywhere With Watch

    Send workouts to your watch using our Watch menu on iPhone

  • Know Workout Detail

    Activity app connection to report workout details, heart rates and calories back. You'll see set details, heart rate, calories and rest timer on the tracker screen.

  • Make Supersets

    Link exercises into supersets and tri-sets

  • Rest time alert on the watch

    You can edit your workout on Apple Watch: edit sets, add/remove exercises.

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React Native




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